Who Are We? The Team Behind Reviews: Dating Sites

Like every other single person out there, we've realized that online dating is the main way people find love today. But it is an investment in time and effort. You have to put together a good profile, add pics that show you in a good light, polish your image. Then there's all the communicating, sending messages, replying, trying to connect.

Given the amount of effort using even one site can take, it's important to choose the right one to spend time on. But it's difficult to do so without investing both money, and more precious - time. Some of us spent hours setting up a profile, completing quizzes and sending out nice messages - only to get nowhere on one site. But then, on another site, the replies come rolling in.

So, we wanted to help others figure out where to direct their time. We figured the best way to do that was to get real reviews from actual dating site users. Use real user experience to sort through all the online dating options to find the sites worth your time.

Information and Ratings

Our team spent a few months gathering the latest information on dozens of online dating sites and apps. We then organized that by any speciality or interest area. We plan to keep researching and adding more information about available sites and apps. We want to have the largest breadth of listings to make comparing dating sites and apps easy.

If you find any outdated information, or if there's a dating app or website we've missed, please let us know so we can add it. But more important - if there's a site you love or hate, please let everyone know by submitting a review. This will help others avoid bad sites and send more people to the ones you like.

How We Ensure Rating Fairness

We want the ratings on our site to be as true and balanced as can be. Of course, that means we've got to avoid Spam. So when a review is submitted, it doesn't show on our site immediately. This is because we run all submissions through a Spam filter. Then someone on our team -- a living, breathing person -- checks those that make it through and approves the real ones. That keeps the Spam out. Sure, it's a lot of time and effort. But it keeps things real.

In the background, we run a set of statistical tools to send the most useful reviews to the top. Not to geek out, but in summary, we weigh a review on a helpfulness score based on the votes users give it. We correct these votes using the "Lower bound of Wilson score confidence interval." This gives the proper value to votes, more so than a simple average. It also adjusts for the fact that some sites get tons more ratings than others. That way those with the lower total vote counts don't get better scores than those with more ratings.

There are more filters to ensure that those tricky spammers don't game the system. We keep them from ranking their scam sites higher than what real users love. We won't describe the filters because we don't want spammers to get around them. In general though, we give reviewers a score based on factors measuring how much they do on our site: how long they've been active, how frequently they vote, their total submitted comments, etc.

We do all this so that the best dating sites and apps end up at the top of our rankings so you can select the best one for you.

How We Earn our Money

As with any other website, we have costs. Web servers, bandwidth, the team who does all the basic research and monitors for spam. We pay for that through ads on the site and affiliate links that direct you to sign up pages for the dating sites and apps listed here.

We place our ads where they are most relevant. We also try to avoid obnoxious ones. We try to get affiliate links to every single site listed here. That way we have no incentive to place one above another. We're happy if you choose any of the sites listed (though you should select the best one for you!) This is because, if we give you an honest rating, you'll be more likely to sign up for a site. Since we only get paid then, our goals and yours are in line. And, if we promote any sponsored products, we will show that it's paid for.

How You Can Help Us

First and foremost - we'd love to collect your ratings and reviews of the sites and apps listed here. Second, please suggest any we're missing. You can let site owners know about the listings so they can claim their site or app here. That way they can see the feedback and reviews. Maybe they'll improve their products because of it!

Also, when you subscribe to our newsletter, we'll send you with useful tips and tricks to find the best deals on dating sites. Lastly, please contact us at any time with suggestions and feedback; we'd love to hear from you!

Get In Touch

You can contact us by sending an email to info@reviewsdatingsites.com.