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OurTime.com is a dating site for singles over 50 who are still looking for a date. This site looks promising from the moment you land on the main page. A well-made video ad plays as you enter and begin the sign-up process. It is definitely a popular niche dating site with some added features that similar sites don't have, but the results could be better. You can find some genuine matches here, but it takes more effort than it should.


  • Upload photos straight from your Facebook account.
  • Special Greetings: You can choose from a list of pre-selected greetings to help you get a conversation started. Some of the greetings are Nerd, Foodie, Family First, Nature Lover, and more. Choose the one that best describes you and it will be displayed on your profile.
  • A massive selection: A general search garnered over 40 pages full of results , so the selection is impressive compared to many other sites with such a specific niche.
  • Tokens: You can purchase tokens to get more out of your experience on the site with extra add-ons. Tokens will pay for things like promoting your profile and sending virtual gifts. You can also Buy tokens for the Match Me section where you are placed in the daily matches of singles you are compatible with.


  • It's not cheap: When you go to the membership page, they try to fool with small numbers, but those prices are per week. It's a little on the expensive side, but you can save more than 50% if you pay for 6 months at one time.
  • Not many added features: Considering the price, they don't offer much more than a standard dating site does, so it's not enough to justify the high cost.
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SpeedDate.com could be the coolest thing to ever happen to online dating. Just as the name implies, you are truly speed dating. Speed dating is a fun way to meet people where you sit at a table and are introduced to people for a few moments at a time. Then another person comes and sits with you for a few moments. You depend on instant attraction. The same concept applies on the website. You go on real-time 5-minute dates via your webcam.

Sign-ups take only a few minutes and you can start dating. You can sign up through Facebook if you prefer. The whole speed dating theory is daunting to some people. In response, there are several tutorials and instructions videos to show each step of the process and provide hints and tips for success. It has been around since 2007 and has over 2 million members who enjoy the face-paced, chat driven, 5-minute dates the site offers.


  • Many members
  • Able to see each other face to face
  • Dates are people in your area
  • You can specify your date criteria


  • Can seem out of control
  • Dates appear when you're not ready
  • Hard to get to know anyone
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Sex hookup site SocialSex.com is not a place to find a date. Everything about it tells you that all the members are there looking for sex. I like when a site makes it easy for you to browse through only women who want the same thing as you do. It's so impressive from the minute you type the site into your browser that I expected it to disappoint any minute, but it never did. It's not the best casual sex site I've ever been to, but it's certainly one of them.

The site is paid membership based but they give you plenty of membership options to choose from, including a cheap 3-day trial of their Silver membership. Both types of memberships come with a 100-day hookup guarantee and let you view and contact all members with instant messaging and chat. The Gold membership comes with the added incentives of access to member webcams, access to hardcore porn, and you will be featured on all search results. The Gold is the best bet and it's only about five bucks more a month than the Silver.

I don't usually sing the praises of a site's sign up process, but this is probably the best sign up I have ever seen. It's easy to navigate, but you get the added bonus of a hot brunette in a tight dress standing there on your screen asking you to make each selection. Each step of the sign up; she takes off another article of clothing. I almost wanted to go back and sign up all over again.

The site looks amazing and the interface makes it fun to use from the minute you arrive. The hot brunette in a tight dress tells you to indicate whether you are a man, woman, couple, gay couple, or lesbian couple. A couple of birds that I'm sure are supposed to be twitter birds are having sex on their logo, so I think it's safe to say that the site is dedicated to casual sex. That fact is confirmed when one of your sign-up questions is what kind of sex you want and you have to choose from multiple choices with illustrations.

You are not allowed to send or read messages unless you pay for a premium membership. Once you pay for a monthly membership, your message choices are to send a flirt, instant message, e-mail, friend request, or request a date. You can't even send flirts with a basic membership. I like that you have so many choices to contact the women, but I would like to be able to at least send them a flirt and see if they respond before I decide to pay for a membership.

You may not be able to send and receive messages with a basic membership, but you can perform a basic search with criteria like age, what they are here for, and location. They have a nice advanced search, but it is only available to premium members. The advanced search criteria include marital status, body hair, body type, ethnicity, hair color, and more. I found this useful because most searches would return thousands of results and I needed to narrow them down.

I loved the layout and amount of information in the profiles. You get a set of photos and sometimes the profiles will have videos. Below that, there is a wealth of information like what they like to do for fun, their perfect evening, favorite movies, musical tastes, pet peeves, and so much more. I viewed members in the United States, but I didn't see an option to view profiles in Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia, but there was more than enough in the US that I didn't feel the need to branch out.

There are multiple account options that allow you to customize your experience. You can edit your profile, change your username and password, upgrade your membership, view your match settings and change them, upload photos or video, and even turn the erotic images on and off. Yes, you can adjust your settings so you won't see any erotic content, but I'm sure you won't be using that option.

I was surprised that I was able to view all the details in the profiles without paying for a membership. I could also edit my own profile as well and upload pictures. This gives you plenty of freedom to have your profile filled out and ready before you start your billing cycle. It also allows you to browse all other members and get an idea who you want to contact once you become a premium member.

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OutPersonals.com is a good site for finding other gay men and couples who are interested in hooking up for the night or entering into and ongoing sexual relationship. The user base is very large and the people who make it up are surprisingly active on this platform, which works more like a social media outlet than it does a dating site. As long as you're not looking for a lifelong partner, you should get pretty lucky in your search for Mr. Right Now.

You'll have to fill out an introductory title and a little bit about yourself in order to sign up. It can always be changed later on, so you don't have to worry about making it perfect. They don't actually require a lot of writing in them, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get yourself set up and ready to browse through some profiles and get your bearings. Being able to get started quickly is always a good thing when you're trying to get a feel for a new place and see if it will end up being a good fit for you and what you're looking for.

Once you're off and rolling, you'll get access to your homepage where you can see all of the recent updates from users across the country. Men often post updates about themselves and what they're up to and you can read all about them for free with your basic profile. In fact, you can even post your own updates without spending a dime, which makes connecting with the community very easy and hassle free. Having access to the user base with a free account will give you a great idea of how many people in your area are active and what kinds of personalities you might run into.

One of the main draws of the site is its use of verified user profiles. Using this system, people can prove who they are and what they look like by uploading their state or federally issued identification in exchange for a verified profile. This lets you rest assured that the people you're talking to are exactly who they say they are and you won't find yourself facing down a stranger when the time to finally meet up comes around. It's a huge time saver, and even a bit of a life saver.

Aside from the site, you can also access OutPersonals.com through their mobile app. Without any restrictions on when you can log on and when you can't, you can keep talking to the people you find interesting, no matter where you are. In fact, you can even use it as a safety precaution if you don't want to exchange any of your personal information when arranging your meet ups. By using the app and communicating through the email system, you can find each other wherever you might be without having to rely on texting or calling each other. If you're the type of person who likes to love them and leave them, then there's no better option for staying anonymous.

As far as the layout of the site is concerned, it's pretty minimalist and easy to navigate. You get a user feed on your homepage and access to recently updated blog posts on the right. Your email and other features are always located on the left hand side of the screen so you can quickly move around and complete whichever tasks you've set out before yourself without jumping around or opening up new windows.

All in all, OutPersonals.com is a very good way to set up your next rendezvous safely and without much hassle. The verified user profiles will let you know exactly who you're talking to and the mobile app will keep you safe from sharing too much information with a one night stand. The user base is very active and you'll probably find yourself spending most of your time reading blogs and commenting with the others about them. It's a fun way to spend your time and get to know the people in the community who really just want to have a little bit of fun.

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Editorial Review

XXXLove.com was once called XXXMatch and their new name seems to come with a new sense of purpose and it's quickly becoming one of the largest and most popular adult personals sites of its kind. It still has some growing to do to become one of the greatest, but they are making a strong effort.


  • A large number of members: There were over 15,000 women online at the time of this review. This allows you to add as much criteria as you like to your search and it will still return plenty of results.
  • Compatibility section: Every profile that you click on features a section where it shows how compatible that person is with your preferences and personal details. A list of check marks shows all the ways she matches what you are looking for and vice versa.
  • Creative and sexual flirts: This site doesn't have your standard flirt button. You are given a gallery of creative flirts to send her like Blowjob, Golden Shower, Lap Dance, Spank, and more.
  • XXX Theater: This section is available for Silver and Gold members and features high quality porn movies that you get to view free of charge.
  • Extensive basic and advanced search: Basic search is available to free members and includes age, location, and distance from you. The advanced search offers 14 additional criteria but only available for premium members.


  • Membership is not cheap: The price of Gold and Silver memberships are a bit higher than other hookup sites I have visited, but you get a lot of action for your money. Plus, they offer a 3-day trial for as little as a couple bucks, which gives you all the proof you need that the site is worth paying for.
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Editorial Review

Gay online dating is not as easy as all the media makes it out to be. Most online dating sites for gay men are focused only on the hookup. Noncommittal sex is the mainstay of these sites but many gay men are looking for something more. There are several communication options that other sites don't have. The sign up is easy and free. Aesthetics are pleasing and clear. There is a free membership as well as gold and platinum paying memberships. Their safety issues, policies and help sections are easy to find. There is a lot to enjoy at this gay online dating site but it does have its disadvantages as well.


  • Easy sign up
  • Free photo upload
  • Searching
  • Browsing
  • Messaging
  • Free membership


  • Paid memberships are expensive
  • No personality test for free members
  • Free members can't upload videos
  • No IM unless you pay

Your personal needs in a gay online dating site will determine if the site is a good one to you. Each person finds something different useful other than the basics of online dating. Weigh out the benefits and disadvantages before deciding to pay for a membership and make sure that all your financial information is secure.

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EroticAds.com is a hook up site that's been around for a few years and is one of the largest and most popular places around to find that special someone to spend a few hours with at a time and really get to know what makes each other tick in the bedroom. The site focuses on the sexual things that drive you wild as a way of advertising yourself and getting matched to potential partners. When sex is at the forefront of a relationship, and a big part of the reason for your connection, then your time together will be well worth the investment of signing up for a site.

The profile creation phase of joining in on the fun is easy and fun. Rather than filling out tons of questions and answer sections or ticking boxes related to your perfect idea of a night out, you get to choose your sexual preferences and make them known to everyone else who uses the site. You get to choose exactly what you're looking for in a sexual partner, which takes a lot of pressure off of finding the right person and simply hoping that you're sexually compatible.

You won't be getting a whole lot of functionality from your free account, but you will be able to view full profiles. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to stay at the unpaid level for very long, because you won't be able to interact with anyone in any way. Email, instant messaging, and winks are all off of the table until you decided to commit yourself and pay for a gold or silver membership that will let you use the full power of the adult dating platform to find your next hook up.

The first thing that's going to make itself abundantly clear when you first sign in is that each and every profile is overtly sexual. The pictures are typically sexy without nudity, but the words go a whole lot farther. If you've ever wondered how a stranger feels about giving oral sex, or what a person who you've only seen a photo of has for a list of fetishes, then this site is definitely for you. By getting rid of all of the pretense surrounding dating profiles, you can get right to the meat of any subject and find out where the other person stands. It makes sex the most important part of your coupling, and that just works for some people.

When it comes time for you to pay for your membership, you'll be presented with two options: gold and silver. The upper level is obviously a bit more expensive than the lower, but silver is a good place to start. You'll lose out on being heavily featured by the site itself, as well as access to web cams and their hardcore porn collection, but you will be able to communicate. You'll also have the option of signing up for a three day trial which will really help you get a great understanding of the site and how it works.

When you get tired of browsing through countless profiles, you can always head over to the message boards and engage in some fun conversation. They're pretty active and the members seem to take them seriously. No matter what happens to be on your mind, you can find a place to talk about it and make some new friends along the way. It's a great icebreaker and will give you a chance to meet with people that you may not otherwise have matched with.

EroticAds.com is definitely worth checking out. It serves as one of the largest and most popular adult dating sites and it does what it does very well. If you love sex and want to do away with all of the petty nonsense that comes with meeting someone that you just ultimately want to have sex with, then this is the place that will help you do it. No matter what you're sexual flavour, you'll be able to find someone with similar desires who is just as interested in finding a partner as you are.

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Editorial Review

Match is one of the most well-known dating services in the world and there is a reason for that. Unlike a run of the mill dating site, Match uses a specialized diagnostic tool to make its user matches. Aside from its incomparable matchmaking skills , it has a lot of business savvy going for it. Match came into existence way back in 1995 when the World Wide Web was just a baby. Along the way, it acquired many smaller competing businesses. New services were developed and popular services perfected. Soon, its member numbers were topping the industry. With such a large user base, it offers several types of relationship matches from purely platonic to serious, long-term to casual hookups. There is a free membership as well as paid options. A mobile app for android or iPhone apps keeps users abreast of notifications while on the go.


  • Extensive personality tests for best matches
  • More precise search results
  • Chat and IM
  • Daily list of matches
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Low percentage of inactive and fake profiles
  • Extra features for free and paid members
  • Mobile apps, iPhone apps, Android apps


  • Long sign up process
  • Wait for approval
  • Inter-member communication for paid members only
  • More expensive than other dating sites
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Editorial Review

When you are Jewish you quickly discover that dating within the religion isn't as easy as it was in high school. JDate takes out all the worry and leaves just the fun parts. You already know she will be Jewish. All you have to do is find the right girl. JDate is the biggest Jewish dating site on the Internet with a solid reputation, having been in existence since the late 90's. A recent survey of married Jewish couples who used the internet showed as many as 52% found each other on JDate.com. There are some great advantages to this site including easy in-app purchases and a variety of subscription choices.


  • The standard membership lets you do a lot. You can do most anything except use instant messaging, live chat and send and receive messages.
  • You can pay for a subscription by the month or year.
  • Its pleasing to the eye. This might sound trivial but if you are using the site every day, it means a lot.
  • Who wants to use a site that takes a Masters Degree to figure out?
  • Easy in-app purchases


  • It doesn't offer a free trial to try out the paid features.
  • No chatrooms or icebreakers. They do not allow any type of group chatting and offer no help starting conversations.
  • The free subscription offers no messaging capabilities other than responding to All-Access subscribers.
  • Non-jewish people sneak in and you don't know until it's too late, wasting your time and sometimes breaking your heart.
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Editorial Review

SeekingArrangement is a good site for any sugar daddy out there that's looking for a companion to call his own. A credit card is not required to sign up, so you can get a real sense of how the site works and the types of people that it attracts before you spend a dime. The user base is large and active so you'll never run out of people to talk to, once you get past the initial profile creation and acceptance hurdles.


  • You'll have to wait for approval, but once your profile is filled out and accepted, you'll have near limitless access to the features of the site. You won't have to wonder whether or not it's a good fit before you spend your money.
  • The users on the site know exactly what they're looking for and what's expected from them. There's no pretense so there will be no awkward moments down the line.
  • The site is well designed and easy to use. Everything is intuitive and you won't have to deal with a difficult learning curve just to say hello.


  • You'll have to fully complete your profile, then wait for approval before you can message anyone. It's frustrating and takes about 24 hours.
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Editorial Review

Being a single parent comes with its own set of very unique problems and advantages. It is harder for them to do most everything everyone else does. This includes dating. Single parents understand the struggles of their type of life better than any other people. SingleParentMeet is an online dating and social media site that connects single parents for romance, casual hook ups and friendships.

One problem single parents often find is that there is never enough time. The days are filled with responsibilities and before you know it you're going to bed. One day leads into the next and suddenly it's been months or years since your last date. An online dating service like this one makes dating much more efficient and time-saving.

The single parent dating niche is a smaller, more intimate membership. There are mostly single parents on the site but also those who want to date them. While it may be smaller than some sites, it still boasts over 410,000 site visits per month. Surprisingly, this is one of the few dating sites that have a higher male ratio than female.

The search feature allows users to look for each other based on special characteristics. If religious beliefs are particularly important, you can search based on that. It could also be that you need someone very close to you geographically. You can search by distance from your location. You can also search by physical attributes like height, weight, age, hair color and eye color. For the more tech savvy interests, searching by activity, those currently online, new members, keywords and those who have looked at your profile. There are even just purely fun ways to search like by birthday and astrological sign.

After sign-up, the site provides you with 5 daily matches that they suggest for you. These are called your Today's Matches. Suggestions are made based on their own algorithm as well as profile points you have in common. Some suggestions will be old members, some will be new. You are not required to act upon the suggestions. Only contact members you are interested in. When you show you're interested by choosing I'm Interested, your given the choice of three replies; "No, Next Profile" or "Yes, Next Profile." When you see a profile of someone you're interested in, you can add it to the My Favorites feature so you can easily find it later. You'll hear the Echo Alert if there is a mutual interest.

The profile sections have the same features most other dating sites have. Single parents need not worry they are missing out on anything by using this site. Profiles contain the My Greeting section where you can answer three text questions about what you are looking for on the site and what you can provide for someone else. This is not required but provided as a way to help you get the most out of the site. There is also an About Me section that tells information about your career, personality, hobbies, leisure time and what you're looking for in a match. You are able to differentiate in the types of relationships you are looking for; romance, casual relationships or just friends.

Communication between members on this site is pretty standard. An easy way to meet people is to search through the I'm Interested tab and pick out someone you like. When they are notified, they can respond. You can do the same on member pictures. If you add someone to your favorites list, they are notified and can send you a message. Paid subscribers can send instant messages and emails.

One cool thing this site allows for is the emailing of profiles. If you see someone who would be perfect for a friend, you can email the profile to them whether or not they are members of the site.

Fees are on the low side when compared to other sites of this caliber. Their free membership has a lot of features but there is only one upgrade. Its biggest boost with a paid membership is being able to send emails and instant messages. There are a few other small benefits too.

This is a great site for single parents for online dating. It is worth the time for all the free benefits and the upgrade price is affordable.

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Editorial Review

NoStringsAttached is an adult dating site that connects singles who are looking for casual sex, but it also helps married people in having an affair. The site has a lot of features that help you remain discreet which is good for those who are cheating or those who want their sex life to remain private. I was excited to try this dating service because of the name and its reputation and I was not disappointed.


  • Verified user profiles: The site is secure and the profiles are verified so you don't have to worry about spam and fake messages.
  • Marital affairs are welcomed: Cheating is encouraged here and the site is discreet enough to keep your affair a secret.
  • Private phone calls: Make phone calls without giving away your private number.
  • Multiple match preferences to choose from: You can open your match preferences for a more refined search. You are given the option to filter your results by information like body type, height, hair color, ethnicity, education, religion, and more.


  • Membership price is not competitive: The monthly membership charge is about as much as your average hookup site, but the difference is that this one gets results. That's why I would suggest purchasing 12 months at a time. This gets you a VIP membership plus 6 months extra for free.
  • No mobile app for Android: There is an app for iPhone, but not Android. Android users can use the mobile optimized site. You can check and send messages and upload photos from your phone.
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Editorial Review

SugarDaddyForMe.com is a dating site that focuses on connecting sugar daddies with sugar babies and vice versa. It is obviously a popular and large site , especially for such a specific niche, but the functionality is not user friendly. You end up being active, but not seeing many results compared to the number of users that they claim to have. I interacted with a couple of girls after my profile was approved, but not as much as I should have considering the amount of work I put in.

The layout is all about information and doesn't seem concerned with presentation at all. There are a lot of features, but all of them are cluttering the main page. One thing I did like is how the profiles are displayed when you perform a search. You see their username, their tagline, age, marital status, and approximate distance from you. You can also send them a message, a kiss, or a gift from here.

Sign up starts out easy, but gets annoying before you can get in. You indicate whether you are a sugar daddy or a sugar baby and which one you are looking for, their age range, and distance from your zip code. After that, you just choose a username, password, e-mail, and birth date. The next page lets you add detailed information to your profile and a picture and you are not allowed to proceed until you type something. That's when you are given their outrageous monthly membership prices.

What you get with each level of membership is a bit confusing, but at least they indicate it on the site. With a basic free membership, you can only upload 3 photos and you cannot send or receive messages. A Silver membership allows you to send and receive messages, chat, and use instant messenger, but you have limited message storage and you cannot view your history. Gold membership allows you to do everything you can with Silver, plus your profile is highlighted, you get fast profile approval, top placement in searches, and smart match detection e-mails.

As if the high membership price wasn't enough; the Total Access option is an additional expensive price and all you get is messages from non-paying members. Wait, there's more. There is also an additional administration fee for all monthly memberships. That adds up to be quite a bit. You can use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover and you better be prepared to see a huge charge on your bank statement, once all these charges are added up.

There are some decent features, but the features, along with banner ads, make the site look a bit cluttered. There seems to be a lot of useless information or features that would be better if they were not causing clutter on the main page. One thing I liked is that you can do both an easy search and an advanced search with a basic membership. This isn't that great though because the advanced search is not that detailed. The only criteria they have besides your location are marital status, body type, and race.

When I saw how expensive a membership was, I expected the profiles to be highly detailed, but they are just the opposite. There is nothing there besides the basic information. The only good thing about the profiles is that you can view member photo galleries and even open their pictures full size in a separate window, but you are only able to view 3 at a time with a basic membership.

Another thing I liked was the Control Panel, but it's placed in a large menu right in the middle of the page. From here you can check your mail, show your favourites, see your saved searches, see who's online now, access the weekend planner, edit your information, edit your profile, access your photos, and preview your profile. I also liked the summaries indicating all your activity and interactions on the site, although this would be better if it wasn't cluttering the main page.

Another feature I liked was the PowerMatch feature. This feature allows you to select a list of criteria that you want your ultimate match to have. You are then prompted to create an e-mail addressed to your ultimate match. The site automatically connects you with members who match that criteria and sends your e-mail message to them without you having to do a thing.

I have seen worse when it comes to hookup sites, but SugarDaddyForMe.com is a bit of a mess compared to other sites of its kind. I interacted with some possible sugar babies, but I only found a few that I liked and didn't really get anywhere with the ones I did connect with.

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Editorial Review

SwingerProfiles.com is a dating site where swingers who are looking for a little sexy fun can find others to swing with. My wife and I have tried various other sites in this niche and this one is one of the best that we've seen. It not only has a cutting-edge layout, it has enough members that you are able to find swing partners no matter what area of the country you are searching in.

Depending on how you set your preferences, you can expect anything from guys looking to do some wife swapping to lesbian couples looking for a man to play with. The profiles are displayed on the main page and you can choose to sort them by local matches, new members, who viewed you, your friends list, who's on cam, or the hottest members. You can only see their profile picture and screen name until you hover over them with your mouse. That's where you can see their age, what they are looking for, and their location. You can also choose to either view their profile or add them as a friend.

Signing up for the site was almost as much fun as using it. A sexy couple appears on your screen and guides you through the process. After the standard sign-up questions, you get into the sexier questions that make it clear that you want this site to lead you to sex. One of those questions has to do with your favorite sex position. Positions like 69, doggystyle, spooning, standing, and more are shown with a picture for each one. You are even asked how often you masturbate.

Once you get past the awesome sign up process, the site gets much more simple and basic. That's not a bad thing. I actually prefer a simple layout like this to others that have more features but they are cluttered and hard to navigate. This site has all the features I need and additional features don't always add to the experience. An extra feature they do have is the site activity tab. This is basically your news feed and you can easily hide it out of sight by clicking on it.

You have a few choices when it comes to messaging. You can either send a flirt, an instant message, an e-mail, or friend request. You don't get a bunch of fake messages after signing up trying to get you to sign up for a premium membership like a lot of dating sites. That was refreshing. Most of the messages I received were authentic. This alone is worth giving the site a try because most sites these days create a bunch of fake profiles and send you messages from bots trying to fool you into thinking you are receiving a lot of attention from tons of beautiful girls.

The bare minimum that a niche dating site should have is a good search engine and this site has one. The basic search is useful and that's all I needed most of the times I used the site. You can perform this search, even if you are not yet a premium member. I was impressed when I clicked on the refined search. This gives you a list of added criteria like body type, hair color, ethnicity, height, language, and more. The refined search can only be accessed when you enter your credit card info and become a premium member.

Another impressive feature is the detailed profiles. I have reviewed pay dating sites that don't have a fraction of the information that these profiles have. When you click on a profile, the first thing you see is their gallery of pictures and you can click the videos tab if they have videos available. Below their pictures, you can choose to send a flirt, instant message, send e-mail, send a friend request, request a date, block them, or report them. Below that is some of the most detailed profile information I have seen. You can choose basic info, profile stats, what they are looking for, sex stats, and their zodiac. Each section is full of information.

Something that made me think twice about joining was being redirected to HookupCloud.com. SwingerProfiles.com is basically a landing page with a fancy layout where you sign up. You are redirected after you enter your password that they send to your e-mail. My concern was laid to rest when I started using the site because I was talking to two kinky girls within an hour of signing in. HookupCloud has a huge database of users that you can browse, so I can't complain if I got results. My wife and I found a cute girl to swing with, so the name was not a problem.

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Editorial Review

PlentyofFish has a reputation as the largest free online dating site in the world. It is also well known for its social communities and networking abilities. There are almost 50 million registered users with hundreds of thousands of people logged into the site at any given moment. There is a full range of features including an iPhone App and Android App, many search and profile functions and a whole slew of communication options. As with all dating sites, it has its down sides too. Make sure to consider the advantages and disadvantages of every dating site you use.


  • Free: When they say free, they mean it. There really isn't much the paid option can offer you.
  • Easy: This site couldn't be easier to learn. Everything is clean and clear.


  • Ads* They have to pay the bills somehow. They give away so much for free here, you see a lot of ads as a result.
  • Local Matches: Your matches here are very local. You can easily end up with your neighbor or coworker.
  • Limited Support: There is limited customer service support. No support is available by phone and limited support is available by email.
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Editorial Review

JewishFriendFinder unites Jewish men and women for friendship and romance. There are several that use this same focus but this one is a member of the vast FriendFinder network and enjoys the benefits of its large member base. While there are many features here to enjoy, almost all of them are for paying members only.

Paying members enjoy a seemingly endless stream of communication venues. They offer the standard email and instant messaging features as well as winks. There are many chat rooms and groups to join based on location or personal interests.

Search is another paying member function. Members are able to check out other members by clicking on random profile pictures in chat or groups but they can also search the membership. Searches can be made using a variety of criteria for members close in distance or far away.

Sign up on JewishFriendFinder is simple and generic. It is the same as any other dating site. Users must provider their gender, birthdate, and location. They are then asked to choose a username and password. An email address is required. The second part of the sign-up process is more comprehensive. It asks questions about body type, religious views, and your synagogue routine. The last step is a 50-word paragraph describing yourself.

This site has an online magazine that members find particularly useful. Use the limited free trial with no credit card required to check it out. It uses a variety of articles, games, comedy and heartfelt tales to speak to the Jewish dating audience that reads it. Members can submit their own works and use it as conversation starters in the chat rooms.

One really cool thing about this site is that it allows members to earn points for their participation. Anything you do on the site turns into points that you can use to purchase fun stuff from the site. So, you are getting paid for doing thing you would do anyway on a dating site. Your almost getting paid to flirt. Not bad. You can upgrade your membership with earned points. One of the many benefits of a paid subscription is that your profile is highlighted and appears above others in search results. Who couldn't use a little extra attention?

Being a member of the FriendFinder network has its advantages. Not only are there a lot of people on this well-established network but you have the benefit of their tested safety features and experience. The staff reviews all profiles and photos as they are submitted. They are only live on the site after being reviewed. This maintains the sites integrity and keeps everyone feeling safe. ConfirmID is also used. This is a great way for users to prove they are real and get more profile views. Another feature that makes you feel safe is the 24/7 customer service but that is only available for their gold members.

Besides the magazine, there is also some help offered in the FAQ section. It deals with site issues, account problems, sign on questions and also a variety of user compatibility questions. There is no live help option for the free membership but silver and gold memberships can access it. The FAQ page is very extensive and covers a wide range of possible issues.

Other than browsing the sight and searching, members can find matches by using the personality test. It is a simple fun questionnaire that is created to discern your personality type. Once you have yours figured out you are given a few other personality types that you would go good with. It is then your objective to keep your eyes open for other members on the sight who are of these compatible personality types. New Member Matches is another way for members to find matches. Dove emails is another. Both show members who would make good matches based on your personality test results.

JewishFriendFinder is a great site to find a Jewish romantic partner on. The biggest caveat this site has is its inability to allow free memberships much to play with. You basically have to be a paying member in order to get any fun out of this site.

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Editorial Review

Around since the late 90's, GayFriendFinder has an established user base of gay men in search of romance or friendship. The sign up is easy enough for a free membership which opens the gates to connecting with both gay singles and interested couples in the same geographical area. While the site has been around a while and has a large membership, many of the profiles seem inactive and the site itself notes that its membership data can be up to two years old.

The site is basic with no added tips or advice. It has all the average features a dating site would have such as browsing and search. The free registration does not allow for much activity. Three introductory posts or 'smiles" are allotted to each free account. Free accounts are also limited to viewing profile with photos only and filtering through the search function. There are several other ways to communicate such as through the blogs and group comments.

Although there are features like instant messaging, chat and email, nothing happens fast and this is not the site to visit for a quick hookup. There are a lot of members but they aren't all from the United States. So even though there are many, there may be few living in your area. When you sign up for the service your given the option of using your email or a username. You can use both to sign on in the future. Your also asked about your location so your matches and browsing results can be tailored to your location.

Most users are in the 30-year-old age area and are in a curious couple relationship. There are also many single gay men but the majority of users seem to be couples. You may not be able to find the love of your life or even a summer fling, but you'll definitely be able to meet other local gays and have a few nights of low-key, noncommittal fun.

The site is simple and easy to navigate if rather dull. It has a stock look and does not draw much attention. The links and buttons are easy to push and it isn't hard to find your way around to the different parts of the site. There is a help section but it is rather sparse.

There are two paying memberships; gold and silver. The biggest benefit of either of the paying memberships is the added push in the search results. When a user used the search function, the user profiles of paying members come up first and are highlighted. This gives them top exposure in all searches.

The site has all the usual bells and whistles as far as safety is concerned. Users must verify their email addresses before membership is approved. This helps keep spam and phishing schemes down. It also helps the site keep down the amount of fake profiles with fake email addresses. If the emails aren't verified, the accounts do not go live.

Gay dating is not easy. For the longest time, Grindr was the only, or most popular, route to take after Craig's List got so scary. The difference is the wide variety of ways to connect. Many gay men complain that the average gay dating site lacks closeness or any way to forge a community feeling. The addition of blogs to a gat dating site was a game changer. It allowed users a chance to express themselves in ways they had not been able to before. Even more important, it gave others in the community a way to comment and network.

This may not be the best site in the world to get a gay date but it is one of the better ones with more options than most. It also has a larger member base than most. The mobile app is a big advantage. It helps when you're on the go, travelling for work or fun. Some people use the mobile app only and never get on the website. Being able to use the option that best suits your lifestyle is a huge advantage. Like any gay dating site, you have to weigh the advantages and features against your personal needs in a dating site.

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Editorial Review

Spark.com is an online dating site for anybody looking to get back into the dating scene or just for casual dating. They have a fun layout and a lot of cool search options. Users can check out the personality test and Color Code to find likeminded matches and allow users to respond to any member's email. Try Spark.com for yourself and you will see that you don't have to pay your lifesaving to get a lot of features from an online dating site. The member base is huge and encompasses folks in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, to get the Limited Free Trial.

After the limited free trial, the payment options are as most other dating sites. There are three options. The more you pay the more money you save and more benefits you get as opposed to paying monthly. Paid members get their profile above others in search results, for instance. Paid members are also the only ones able to initiate conversation. All members have the ability to view their matches though.

Their member base is unique as well. Not only is it open to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia but it has a lot more male members than females. So many dating sites are the opposite. Spark also caters to both heterosexuals and homosexuals. They are open to all types of relationships and attempt to make matches of every kind.

Searching for matches and friends is unique in that Spark offers both a search and a guided personality match to find potential partners. Searching can be done with location and an age range. Using advanced filters like hair color and other personality traits. Users can also search through the photo gallery using filters like age, gender, and location. The Color Code test gives you matches based on your answers to multiple choice personality questions.

Spark offers a variety of fun little extra features. One such feature is the Secret Admirer. It is a very Tinder-like application where users see pics of each other and swipe for Yes, No or Maybe. If they agree on each other they are given the opportunity to meet. There are many great ways to meet people on the site but perusing the profiles isn't always one of them. Spark does not require many questions to be answered at signup and so a lot of profiles go unfinished. Browsing the profiles can turn up a bunch of boring people. It is more productive to use one of the many other tools.

Communication tools are a bit unique here in that non-paying members are able to respond to emails from paid users. In order to send emails, you have to be a paid member, however. Users can send emails, e-cards, winks, flirts and more. Spark also shows you who is online while you are so you have a better shot at getting an answer.

They have an online dating safety section that is larger than many. It lists advice and helpful articles. They remind you of all the rules of online dating and give hints and tips on staying safe. They give you a common-sense approach that even novice online daters can understand and appreciate. There are a lot of ads on this site, which is sometimes the case when you have a lot of free options and services. They have to pay for them somehow. The layout is a bit confusing with many icons and links. It could use an update or redesign to ease the confusion and make it more visually appealing.

This dating site offers many features that others have but also a few unique treats all its own. That is exactly what makes a perfect site. There is quite a lot of available features for the free membership which you don't see too often. Having so many free attributes is just more reason to give it a shot. You don't have anything to lose. The site is so large it is almost impossible not to meet someone you fancy on this site. Whether it's for friendship, love or a casual sex relationship, all you have to do is sign up to find it. Good Luck!

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Editorial Review

CougarLife.com is a solid site that's been around for many years. It's one of the biggest ones on the internet and it supports a massive user base that's also very active. They cater specifically to people seeking out a relationship between an older woman and a younger man, so if that's what you happen to be looking for, there are few better places around that can give you as many options as this place does. The fact that they've been around for so long speaks volumes about how popular the site happens to be.

The site is extremely well designed and easy to navigate. You'll always find access to your account and profile in the upper right hand corner of the page, so you'll never have to look around for it. Profiles are laid out for you on the homepage, so if you're interested in getting right in and browsing around this is the place to do it. You won't have to jump through any hoops to start looking. As soon as your basic information is filled out, you'll be able to check out every cougar / MILF / mature profile that the site has to offer.

Once your profile is set up, you'll be granted access to the majority of the site's features, but not all of them. CougarLife.com will ask you to upload at least one profile picture before you can send off any messages. Most of the adult dating profiles on the site have a few posted, so it makes sense and ensures that everyone who utilizes the site has one. They also offer instant messaging, but in order to use that, you'll have to pay for a monthly subscription. You're not exactly losing out if you decide against it, so the choice is completely up to you. You'll still be able to use the other messaging features.

While the site doesn't offer anything in the way of a matching system, being able to contact anyone who meets your fancy is a great way to go about your search for a date. Since there's nothing that tells you whether or not you're a perfect match for someone, you're much more likely to responses from available women. You have each other's pictures and profile posts to go on, and that's about it. You won't have to worry about making a certain percentage before someone you find attractive will consider talking to you. It's kind of an old school approach that gives you a lot more freedom and many more possibilities for actual interaction.

One of the most important features of CougarLife.com is the addition of private picture galleries on every profile. No one else can see what's uploaded there unless access is granted by the person who put them up. There are still plenty of public pictures to be seen, but if a person has something on the racy side, they can still put it up with the knowledge that they get to choose who sees it and who doesn't. If someone likes you enough to share that folder with you, you'll be getting a very good idea of what they look like underneath all of those clothes.

You also get a lot of control over what you see and who can contact you. You can block any adult dating profile that you want, as well as hide your profile form searches if you get tired of too many messages popping up in your inbox. You can also change the frequency of your notifications. With settings ranging from an alert with every single flirt or message to one a day to let you know if you got anything, you can really control how much time you spend thinking about the site. It's a great option for someone who doesn't want their email account to be filled to the brim with reminders.

All in all, if you're searching for a cougar / MILF / mature woman of your very own, then this site is a great choice for you. It's easy to use and the women are more than anxious to set up a rendezvous. The user base is very active and you can see a whole lot more of the people that you're interested in than at other sites. You have to do the leg work of finding someone you're compatible with yourself, but that just ends up giving you a lot more freedom and potential for a successful conversation.

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Editorial Review

Xpress.com is an adult dating site that promotes hooking up for casual encounters with other singles in your area. The quality is apparent from the time you begin the sign-up process and it does not disappoint, once you get inside. It's a membership based site, so it's not free, but it gives you enough to make it worth your money. I found quite a few hot girls and the features on the site make it easy to cultivate multiple prospects.

The profiles are displayed in a gallery of profile pictures with the username below them. When you hover your mouse over the pictures, you can send them a friend request, see what they're looking for, and the city they live in. Click on View Profile from here and you will be taken to their full profile and gallery of pictures. Not all the ladies were the best looking, but the refined search made it effortless to find just the right women you are looking for.

The signing up process is beautiful with professional and sexy pictures guiding you through the process. After a couple, quick questions and creating a username, you are taken to the membership page where you are given a choice between the Gold and Silver membership. Both membership options come with a 100-day guarantee that you will hookup. You can also view and contact all members and use the instant messaging and chat. The incentives to get the Gold membership are access to member webcams and videos and you get featured on all search results.

The site is easy to use and it has a familiar layout that keeps it simple. The sorting options above the gallery of profiles are local matches, new members, who has viewed your profile, your friends list, who's on cams, and the hottest members. There must be a lot of hot ladies signing up on a regular basis because, every time I click on new members, there was a different group of ladies to browse through.

One thing I appreciated on this site that I don't see on a lot of booty call sites is that you are not overwhelmed with fake messages after signing in. I have been to many sites where your inbox is flooded with messages and you get tons of chat requests before you even upload a picture. You don't have to deal with that here. You can browse as much as you like and purchase a membership when you're ready without being pressured constantly by gorgeous ladies who end up being bots. Once you pay for a membership, you can send flirts, instant message, or e-mails.

This site would simply not be as great as it is without the phenomenal search engine. Even the basic search that you can use for free has more criteria than the advanced search on other sites. The database of users is still growing, so I don't suggest using that many of the criteria just yet. Although, the site is growing so fast that there will be more than enough profiles to choose from soon, no matter how many criteria you add to your search.

The only thing that is as impressive as the details in the refined search is the details available in the profiles. Not all the women take advantage of this large amount of profile details, but many of them do. There are an unheard of five categories of information in every profile including Basic Info, Profile Stats, I'm Looking For, Sex Stats, and Zodiac. Each section comes with all the information you could possibly want to know about your next one night stand.

You can't do a whole lot on the site without paying for a premium membership, but you can see enough to decide whether it's something you want to pay for or not. You can view other member's full profiles, you just can't open their pictures. You can view the message board topics, but you can't see the posts. You can do a basic search for free, but you need to have a premium membership to take advantage of the amazing refined search. You basically get a nice preview, but you need to pay to truly enjoy it.

Xpress.com looks like a sleek and professional site that can genuinely find a local booty call and that is exactly what it proves to be when you sign up. The database is not even that large yet, but it is growing at an alarming rate. I still managed to find more than a few hot women in my area who were looking for a one night stand and I did not regret my decision to purchase a Gold membership.

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Editorial Review

BlackPeopleMeet.com caters to single black people who want to meet each other and start lifelong relationships. The people who join this site are not interested in casual flings or short term romances, so if you're in a place where you're looking for a best friend to spend the rest of your life with , this site might be for you. All you have to do is take a few minutes to sign up and you're off and running on your brand new adventure.

When you create your profile, you're going to have to fill out a little bit of information about yourself, including a paragraph that will be seen by all of the other members of the site. If you're the type of person who likes to take a little bit of time to come up with the perfect thing to say, you can always change it later on, but you can't skip this step during the sign up. The best option is just to fill it with whatever pops into your head, and then take the time to come up with something a little more thoughtful after you've decided to stick around on the site.

Once you get in, you can browse profiles all you want, but you won't be able to send any messages to anyone unless you pay up for a membership. You will, however, be able to send "flirts" to people. If they happen to like what they see and also happen to be full paying members, then they can send you a message, which you can reply to. The site also offers an instant messaging service that you can access once you pay for your subscription. You get a list of people who are online when you log in and all you have to do is click on their name to open up a chat window.

Whether or not you decide to pay for a subscription, you can always go with In App Purchases that are offered by the company. The prices aren't exorbitant, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank and it's a nice little option that you can choose to use or completely ignore. You won't be forced into anything, or feel obligated to take advantage of what they're selling in any way.

During your time on the site, you can also play a fun little game of "Who do you like?" Right on your homepage, you're offered up two different profile pictures which you can choose to skip completely, or you can choose the one that you prefer. If the other person is also playing and comes across your picture, you get notified that you both chose each other and you get the chance to talk to each other. It's an entertaining way to spend your time, and it isn't the basis of the site, so you won't feel like you're wasting your time on Hot or Not.

There is also an "I'm Interested" section that connects you directly to members who are online and in your area. Much like the other game, this one sets you up with a long line of profile pictures and asks you whether or not you're interested. If you're not, the next picture cycles up and so on. If, however, you are interested, you can be immediately connected to that person through the instant messaging service to start talking. The same goes for other people who may be playing the same games while you happen to be logged into the site.

Overall, BlackPeopleMeet.com is a solid site with a lot to offer its members. If you're really serious about meeting other black people, or even if you're not black yourself, this place will still be your best bet. Whether you decide to buy a subscription or use their In App Purchases, everything will be easy to understand and streamlined to make your time on the site a lot of fun. The games are great time killers that add to your chances of finding your soul mate and the people on the site are very serious about meeting someone that they can enjoy spending a lot of their time with. There's no reason not to give these guys a shot and you might even be surprised by just how well everything goes for you.

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Editorial Review

Perversions.com is one of those sites that is ideal if you want to search for casual sex without confusion and playing games. A name like Perversions shows that, if you sign up, you are looking to have a sexual fling. What makes this site different from other hookup sites is that it specializes in BDSM, bondage and fetish dating. I joined to see just how perverted this site is and I liked what I saw, for the most part.

The first thing that you should know is that you will be redirected to an entirely different site the moment you sign in. When you click on the e-mail confirmation link that is sent, you are taken to EasySex.com. Normally, I would not like this but EasySex has quite a reputation. I would say to go straight to the site, but going through Perversions points you toward members who are into bondage and other fetishes.

Sign up is easy and has four small steps. Choose from a pull-down menu and indicate your gender and the gender you are looking for, your country city and state, username, and a confirmation link is sent to your e-mail. The only drawback is that you need to enter your credit card information to verify your age to get a premium membership and use the full site features.

The theme of this site is ease of use and there aren't any extra features to make it stand out from the rest. It's the selection that helps it stand out. Sites like this go for a streamlined look and functionality to make it easy for you to browse through as many hot girls in your area as possible. Other dating sites with more elaborate features focus on games and fun. There's nothing wrong with that, but I personally prefer skipping the games and going straight to searching for the hottest women.

There are a few choices for messaging and I ended up using all of them. You can send e-mails, chat on live webcam, or watch free cam shows. I got so many messages within my first few minutes of signing up and adding photos that I thought the messages were fake at first. I was pleasantly surprised when I got responses from three out of the five girls I messaged. The interface makes it easy to converse with multiple women and all your current chats are stored in one place.

The layout and functionality of the site was so simple that I expected the search to be simple and basic. I was wrong. When you click on the search button from the menu at the top; you are taken to a page with basic search criteria. When you click on advanced search, your options are expanded to include details like body type, location, sexual preferences, marital status, and more. If you have been to any truly free dating sites, you know that few of them have these many choices when searching.

The details on the profiles are wonderful and many hot women fill out all these details in their entirety. This helps you find the perfect match and the more you have in common with a woman that you message, the higher your chances are for hooking up. This is especially important for a fetish like BDSM or bondage. The search allows you to only view women who are into the same fetishes as you.

The site is set up like a social media site where you can add other members as friends and even view your news feed that shows what women viewed your profile or sent you a date request. The My Activity section tells you how many items are in your news feed, your number of profile views, messages, date requests, and friend requests. There are also bonuses you can take advantage of like Message Boards and Chat Rooms.

Everything I discussed in this review is available for free. You don't get redirected to the various monthly payment plans every time you try to message a woman like other sites that claim to be free. This is one of the few sites that makes good on its claims. You can even interact with the webcam models for free. The only time you will have to pay anything is if you choose to tip the models in a private show.

There were only two things about Perversions.com that made me hesitate to use the site. The first was that I was redirected to EasySex.com, but that worked to my advantage. The second was that I had to enter my credit card information. I took a chance and tried it anyway and I'm glad I did because I got results and my card was never charged.

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Editorial Review

The full feature free trial is one of the best things about OKCupid because you can try the basic dating site features you will find anywhere along with the few perks they offer and get a real taste of what the site is like for paid subscribers. That isn't anything that different from other sites, it is just a more complete look at the benefits.

There are a lot of members and you can get a date quickly but it doesn't give you much time to feel out the other person. Everything seems to happen so quickly and that may be because of the site?s large membership base and worldwide popularity. While that seems like it would be an advantage, and it is for the most part, it can also be disadvantageous. To counterbalance this, they offer a compatibility service that is guaranteed to work as long as you answer all questions honestly and are aware of your true wants and needs in a relationship. They can't help if you don't know what you want!

The one big difference in OKCupid and other dating sites is how much emphasis it puts on user interaction and participation. It may seem like that would be par for the course at any dating site, they take it a step further by allowing users to generate the matchmaking questions and give a variety of type of answers. Matches are made up of a complicated mathematical and your own likes and dislikes and your answers to amusing questions generated by other users. Each question consists of four parts * the question, the answers you'd like from your matches, a rating of how important you feel the answer is, and a place for any optional explanations. The more questions you answer, the better OKCupid gets at recommending compatible mates for you. Click the "The Two of Us" tab when viewing another user's profile to compare your answers to the match questions. If your answers match hers, the text appears in black. If she didn't give the answer you were looking for, her answer appears in pink. And if you gave an answer she wasn't looking for, your answer appears in pink. If the two of you aren't at all compatible, the tab will say, "Y'all Have Issues".

Unusual personality tests, like "The Personality Defect Test," "The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test," and "The Lover Style Profile Test." Are designed to help find likewise traits and common interests. Your answers don't affect your match percentages, but serve as a distinguishing and amusing way to get to know potential dates.

The site is professional and easy to look at. It appears modern and up to date with a smooth polished font and layout. All the links and buttons are clear and easy to find. All the important functions and services are easy to find. There is also a fully capable Smartphone app

All of the sites features are basically free. There are just a few things that you can get for additional charges.

  • A-List profile
  • Ad Removal
  • Advanced search functions
  • Advanced photo features
  • Bigger inbox

A cool little bit of trivia is OKCupid was founded by Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, and Christian Rudder, all with tremendous experience technology and social media. Chris Coyne oversaw the development of TheSpark.com and SparkNotes.com in addition to the OKCupid site. They are two popular websites that have received praises from newspapers like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Newsweek. Sam Yagan was involved with TheSpark.com as well, along with MetaMachine, Inc., Delias, Corp., and Barnes & Noble, Inc. Krohn. Christian Rudder is responsible for the OK Web Server and the OkTrends blog, two of its most influential and important features.

All in all, this is a satisfactory dating site. You have a better than average chance of finding a date here. You may even have a chance at something more serious if that is what you're looking for. The key is to use the sight for everything it is worth. Use all the features and services. Try out all the tests and check out the answers. Use the Two of Us tab and really give the test your all. Be honest and confident in your answers. That is how to get the most out of this site.

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Editorial Review

EroticAffairs.com is a casual sex dating site that helps married people have affairs. I was excited to try it because I heard that it was the largest and most popular of the cheating sites and I did enjoy it but I didn't love it. It's a fun site to use and it has some modern features that help it stand out, but I found that there was a lot of fake messages I had to go through to get to any real women. I did end up talking to some married women, but it was only after I went through a lot of browsing and sending messages.

I enjoyed the sign-up process. A girl with a very sexy voice guides you through each question making the sign-up seem to go even faster than usual. You are asked sexually revealing questions like how you feel about oral sex and anal sex. This process, the layout, and the interface make it a very tempting site to join. Sadly, it's not as it seems. In fact; this is the last you will see of EroticAffairs.com. That's just a landing page with a fun sign up process. The actual site you are redirected to is EasySex.com.

The site is free to use, but you are asked to enter your credit card information in order to prove that you are over 18. Once you are verified, you can send and receive e-mails, chat on live webcam, do advanced searches, view full size pictures, and watch free cam shows. It seemed like a much more promising site to join before I was verified because I was getting a lot of attention. After I entered my info and became verified, I found it much more difficult to find potential matches. They seem to have a program in place that sends you tons of messages and chat requests until you enter your information. Then they stop.

EroticAffairs.com (or I should say EasySex.com) claims to be free to use, but you can do very little for free. You can create a profile, add photos, search, and browse, but you are not allowed to contact any other members or take advantage of all the site features unless you pay the membership fee. Luckily, there are multiple choices of what type of membership you want and how many of the features that you want to use. Read your options carefully though, or you could get charged a lot of extra money.

One good thing I can say about this site is that, when I was able to find real married women who wanted to have an affair, they were really hot. I couldn't believe that women this hot would go on a site to assist them in cheating on their husband. I was sceptical at first because I thought that these women were fake, but I ended up meeting one of them for drinks. She turned out to be a little crazy, but at least the site delivered on their promise to hook me up with a cheating wife who was fun and sexy.

You might hesitate to join EroticAffairs.com because they redirect you to another site and they have a habit of sending you fake messages, but it is a decent site overall. It's not free, like they claim to be, but ladies can use it for free and that's what keeps the men coming back. If you have tried very many dating and hookup sites; you know that the sites that get real results are few and far between. Well, this one gets real results, but not as much as I would have hoped. Many of the profiles may have been fake, but at least it's easy to spot the fake ones. I noticed that many of the profiles with the hottest and most professional looking pictures ended up being fake. A reverse image search will help you confirm.

The main draw of the site, besides getting results, is the steamy erotic content that you have access to. Some of it comes from models and some of it comes from regular women who just want to get online and feel sexy. I'm sure that the incentive of women using the site for free contributes to the number of gorgeous ladies that you have access to. I hesitate to recommend this site because there are certainly better ones out there, but you can have success here if you pay the price and search hard enough.

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LatinoPeopleMeet.com is a dating site for Latino people searching for a relationship. It will do in a pinch but there isn't anything here you can't find elsewhere, including other nationalities. You will find the usual dating site opportunities. You can search for other users in a specified area or age group, and there is a messaging function.

The sign-up process is pretty simply. You fill out questions about your personal information i.e. sex, age, location. Your given the ability to upload a photo. Profiles do not go live until a photo is uploaded. Your asked to choose a username and password. There is a little About Me? text box to fill out with your choice of witty comments. It is very easy and takes no time at all. You have a basic account when you finish your set up. There are several things you can do with a basic account. These include:

  • Creating a favorites list
  • View user other Latina and Latino profiles in full
  • Search User Profiles
  • Advance Searching
  • Send icebreaker messages to other Latinos
  • See who has viewed your profile
  • Upload videos
  • Receive specialized matches
  • Rate Photos

They offer two different paid subscriptions but the only different is being able to use the additional services for longer. Both paid subscriptions offer the following additional features:

  • Appear top in searches
  • Start instant messaging conversations
  • Read emails from all members
  • Send emails to all members
  • See who has saved your profile
  • Use the matchmaking tools
  • Watch video profiles

As far as aesthetics goes, it is average. There are no bells and whistles but the colors are pleasing and the layout is simple. It isn't hard to navigate and all the links are easy to find. There are no glaring mistakes like off center pics or text boxes that overlap. It is a professionally designed site.

Google lists it as a safe site to browse. They have a secure sticker on the payment page to ensure your personal information stays private. There are a few reviews online that say they have refunded money with no trouble. They also have a page on their site so you can check for any credit card charges you may have received. You don't see that on every dating site and it is the one unusual quality they have. There are no added security features, however.

The site dedicates itself to Latino and Latina dating but there are a lot of other nationality people on it. That might be a good thing as it is obviously people who are interested in our culture and dating. It isn't only for marriage minded people either. There are people logged in looking for everything from a one night stand to a long-term relationship.

While the site is part of a bigger dating and social media company and boasts worldwide membership, there are not a lot of active profiles. The ones that are active seem to be very active. Inactive profiles seem to be removed pretty quickly which is helpful whether you plan to use the site a lot or just a little. There are more men than women on the site as a whole, however, so you really have to have a great profile to get anywhere if you are a guy.

Customer service is wonderful. They answer questions promptly, including those having to do with billing and payment. They have a few ways of contacting the company so you can choose what is most convenient for you. You can call, email or send a postal letter. They respond quickly to emails and offer a variety of friendly solutions as well as ample apologies.

On the whole, this is a good site to find Latino people or at the very least people who are interested in the culture and want to be part of it. There is a good size user base of active people and there are just enough extras to make the paid subscriptions worth it. The fact that there are only two paid options cuts right to the point and makes the whole process more streamlined. It might be basic but it has everything it needs to get you connected with other Latino people.

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GetItOn.com is a sex hook up site that connects singles whether they are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, swingers, or anyone else looking for casual sex. The most impressive thing about this casual dating site is the compatibility survey to help you find someone who is sexually compatible. They put a lot of emphasis on the matchmaking process and it helps narrow down your choices of possible mates. This plus verified user profiles make this site a satisfying online dating experience.

Before you sign in, you must complete a multiple-choice questionnaire where you look at a list of sexual practices like Sex Toys, Sex on Camera, Dominance, Roll Playing, and Same-sex Experiences and answer either Gotta Have It, Want It, Curious About It, Not That Important to Me, Willing to Try if Asked, and Never Gonna Happen. You are also prompted to describe your sexual appetite. Another step of the sign-up asks if you have children, your race, body type, smoker or non-smoker, take drugs, education, height, endowment, and asks if you are a drinker or a gambler. This section can be skipped, but I suggest filling out as much as possible to get the most compatible matches.

I ended up having a lot of fun with all the videos and webcams. Their section of member submitted content has a few thousand videos. The webcam section is broken up into member cam feeds and webcam model cam feeds. The model section is quite a bit more extensive, but there are some decent member shows if you log in at the right time. All the content can be sorted into multiple categories like hair color, body type, fetishes, and more.

The advanced search at GetItOn is among the best and most detailed search engines I have seen on a dating site. There is a full page of search filters to choose from including Education, Religion, Languages Spoken, Eye Color, Hair Length, Hair Color, Body Type, and more. The more you narrow down your results, the less results you get, but that can be expected on a growing dating site. It depends on how specific you want to get. I found that, no matter how many search filters I applied, I still got a lot of results in my area.

I found that you could do a lot of browsing for free. You can set up a detailed profile without having to pay for a membership. You can do a full, detailed search and browse through the results, but you must be a member to open the profiles, view their pictures, and send them messages. Once I paid for my membership, I was pleasantly surprised at the results. I had already filled out all the details on my profile, so it wasn't long before I was talking to some highly compatible singles. I enjoyed some of the best sex hook ups I've ever had.

Probably the biggest reason that you can get a lot of results on GetItOn is the verified user profiles. Too many dating sites are filled with fake profiles that are there to make you think that the site is more popular than it is. I didn't get that here. Out of all the people I interacted with, only two or three ended up being fake. This shows me that they must have excellent security.

I adored the "My Cupid Matches" section and found myself going back to it repeatedly. This section shows you a huge list of possible matches based on your preferences and compatibility. At the bottom of each profile picture, you will see the percentage of interests that you share. I would often scroll through this section and find matches that were close to my location, were the best looking, with the highest match percentage and I ended up getting a lot of action this way.

It's not often that I see a casual sex site that relies so heavily on matching you with like-minded people. This greatly increases your chances of finding a sex partner that shares your personality traits, interests, and fetishes as well. Usually a dating site will either rely on matching people with similar personalities, or matching people with the same sexual interests, but this site mixes both. This made it easy for me to strike up a conversation with multiple hookups. Everyone knew what the other was there for and there were tons of conversation starters at our disposal and all we had to do is look at each other's profiles. I recommend you try GetItOn.com for yourself because it's surprisingly cheap to use compared to other adult dating sites.

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Muslima.com is a site that connects you to others from around the world who are looking for a lifelong partner. Although the number of members seems to be high, finding many who live in your area may be a challenge. The user base is spread across the globe, so unless you live in a major hub like New York City or London, your matches will probably be speckled across a several mile radius.


  • Large user base that's spread across the globe will bring many potential partners right to your homepage.
  • Credit card not required (for registration)
  • Muslima allows you to enter important information such as your religion and whether or not you wear a hijab or niqab.
  • One major question that you can get out of the way when browsing profiles is whether or not your potential contacts will accept polygamy into their lifestyles
  • Web site is simply designed but manages to carry a lot of information about its members on their profiles
  • They accept credit cards, banks transfers and PayPal which makes buying a subscription very easy, no matter where you happen to in the world.


  • Instant messaging is behind a pay wall
  • In order to get a full profile, you must buy a subscription to double your space on the site
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HornyMatches.com is a site that's been around for many years. They hosts tens of thousands of adult personals from all around the world that you can browse quickly and easily with a free profile. A credit card is not required for an account, so you can rest assured that both your information and your money will be safe if you want to check out your surroundings before you decide to take the plunge and get a paid subscription of your very own to help you find your next hook up.

The biggest draw of the site is simply its massive user base. All you have to do is click on the browse button at the top of the screen to see just how many active posts there are for you to check out. Everything is organized by area and you get a count of how many unique posts there are for any given place. Each one numbers in at least the hundreds with most of them topping out in the thousands. You'll never run out of new content to read, so you can really spend a lot of time here without rehashing the same old things.

You'll immediately notice that this is truly a global site from the browsing section. With posts from all over the world, including Europe, the Middle East, and even Africa, no matter where you're from or where you find yourself during your travels, you'll be able to find your next hookup with a few click of your mouse. You don't have to pay to browse profiles, so you can also take the time to make sure you're finding the type of people that you're looking for before you open up your wallet and spend a dime.

The design of the site is exceedingly minimalist while bordering on obsolete. It's a very old design that will make you feel like you've stumbled across an old web page from the nineties that somehow made it through all of modern web design fads unscathed. While it isn't flashy in the least, it is functional. Everything is laid out right in front of you, so you never have to go looking for a link to adjust your information or find a new friend to discuss your next possible hook up. You'll have to deal with a lot of pop ups, but that's pretty much par for the course when it comes to dating sites.

HornyMatches.com is based around adult personals much more than it is social media or games. When you click on your specific area, you'll be taken to a long list of people who use the site regularly. There's no matching to speak of, so you're going to have to do all of the work yourself. It sounds like a daunting task, but if you've had problems in the past with the matching techniques of other places, then taking matters into your own hands may be just what you need to do.

The overall look and feel of the site is more akin to a listing service than it is a dating site. You'll still get full access to email and winks with a paid profile, but that's about it. It's very straight forward and has been used for many years by a lot of people to post their adult personals. You have to put in some work to make the site a good fit for you, but the fact that's it's survived for so long without a major upgrade or redesign only goes to show that it simply works.

It's definitely in your best interests to give the site a shot. You don't have to pay or use your credit to create your profile, so you've got nothing to lose. You can get a good sense of the people and what the platform has to offer and see if you think you can make it work. It will take more effort than other places to find the right match, but if other places haven't gotten you a hook up, then it may just be on them. Take control of your experience and you'll have no one to thank for your success but yourself.

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Grindr.com is a portal to get their famous Mobile App that connects gay men with each for short and long term relationships from all over the world. As with any dating app, photos are a big part of the entire process, so users are encouraged to upload as many recent pictures of themselves that they feel comfortable with. Other users will then have the ability to go through what you've posted and let you know if they would be interested in meeting up. The process is fun and easy and you can get yourself rolling on the platform in very little time.


  • The mobile app is very widely used , so you can expect to get a lot of response to your personal.
  • The people who make up the community are serious about their lifestyle, so you don't have to worry about fake or unused accounts slowing you down.
  • Using the app feels like a game rather than a dating service, so using it will never bore you or make you feel like you're working too hard.


  • A lot of the people who use the app are only interested in one night stands. If you're looking for a long-term relationship, there are much better options for you out there.
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ChristianMingle is everything you'd think it would be. The profiles are clean and the caliber of the users is high. It has been around since 1996, which has provided them plenty of time to get their game down pat. They offer all the bells and whistles other dating services have but with a focus on Christian women and men. There are a few cool features like extensive searching and an Android app.


  • 24-hour customer service
  • Cheaper than most Christian dating sites
  • They have a large user base and growing
  • Vast number of search options
  • Pleasing logo and branding


  • Hard to navigate
  • Android app is glitchy and basic
  • Automatic renewal if you don't cancel
  • No background checks
  • No free trial of full memberships

ChristianMingle.com is a solid site for meeting a Christian counterpart. It has all the needed features a dating site needs to be effective and a large user base so there is always someone to talk to. The biggest drawback is the poorly designed Android app, so if you can deal with that you will probably enjoy the site.

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BDSM.com is a great site for the BDSM / Bondage / Fetish enthusiasts among us who are looking for an adult dating alternative to the mainstream sites that just don't go to the extremes that make life worth living. With a huge user base of people who live the lifestyle and know that every master needs a slave. The site works more like a platform to show off your skills and talk with the people who enjoy your work and want to be a part of it, no matter how painful it might be. It's easy to navigate and you won't be held back by a restrictive free membership.

The people who use BDSM.com love to share and they love to talk about their exploits. Whether they're posting pictures and videos or having their sessions live on cam, you can see every strike of the cane and hear every whimper from behind the ball gag while you interact and comment on what you're seeing. Every single member has the ability to live stream whatever they want and you watch it all unfold. In fact, even if you're a free member, you can take advantage of the streaming platform and put yourself out there for the entire world to see. It's a great way to meet new people and talk about things that are going on right in front of your eyes, rather than trying to compose an introductory email to someone you've never met before.

You're also not limited to what you can post for pictures on your profile. Many of the pictures that people have up include full nudity and no one is going to take them down. It's completely allowed here and you can take advantage of it to learn just what the object of your affections will look like when you finally get naked and on her knees. It saves a lot of time when it comes to trying to image people naked, and you know exactly what you're getting yourself into, long before you ever even meet up.

It doesn't matter if you're new to BDSM / Bondage / Fetish, or a seasoned veteran, because you're going to fit right in. The community is very open and they love to welcome new people in. You can always find someone will to share their knowledge on the lifestyle and help you along your way to finding your perfect mate. You need to know a certain amount of lingo in this adult dating world and the community section is the best place to learn it. You can interact with newbies and long timers to fill your mind with the knowledge that you'll need to traverse this new world and, if you yourself are well-versed in its ways, you can pass along your knowledge and help someone along who was just like you when you first started eyeing the gimp mask with a little more interest than normal.

The site uses both email and instant messaging to make sure that you can connect with anyone at any time. You can also join in on conversations in the chat rooms that cover every imaginable topic that is to be had. In fact, you can even start your own, with or without your web cam and meet new people. The members are very active, so you'll be getting a good deal of attention, even if it's late at night. The users come from all over the world , so there's always someone up who will want to talk about something fun.

All in all, BDSM.com is a great site to check out. You have nothing to lose because of the amount of access that you get from a free profile. You can spend a good deal of time checking everything out and making sure it's a good fit before you take the plunge and open your wallet for a full membership. It's a fun place to hang out and a great place to find a date that already gets a lot about you. You won't have to deal with anymore awkward conversations when she finds the ropes under your bed.

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SeniorFriendFinder , part of the hugely popular FriendFinder network, gives senior daters a lot of options. The goal is to aid seniors of 50 and older in finding a romantic partner or friend. The site offers a variety of networking tools and matchmaking features for its users. While it is sometimes difficult for seniors to use the internet, this site offers many easy to use services and a simple layout. SeniorFriendFinder has millions of members in the senior age range and is one of the top senior dating sites available.

A lot of dating sites make you pay to have a full profile, but not here. SeniorFriendFinder allows users to set up a full profile with their limited free trial credit card not required. A lot of sites do not allow such freedom on the profile before paying for a membership. A full profile always gets more hits. For best results on a senior dating site always max out your number of uploaded photos and fill out all the text boxes asked of you in the set-up section. Take your time. Think about your answers and be honest. You may feel self-conscious, but things like video profiles and audio greetings can really help you meet someone on this site.

SeniorFriendFinder gives users a wide variety of ways to communicate. Email, a fairly common venue to talk, can connect you one-on-one with the object of your attention. They also offer "flirts". A flirt is an automated message you can use to break the ice with the woman of your choice. It can be a virtual hug, smile, kiss, wink or wave. Instant messaging and chatting is available even for the free members.

Subscriptions can be purchased or upgraded by using participation points. Take surveys, post on the message board and participate in the site to get points to use for other things on the site. There are many chat rooms on the site. Hey are organized into interests and dating goals. There are usually people in them at all time, some hours are busier than others such as late night.

The profile reviews are very strict. Not every dating site reviews profiles and in those instances, you'll find loads of fake profiles or half-finished profiles. Senior FriendFinder ha an automated system that checks the consistency of profiles but also a team of customer service representatives that ensure the quality and total fulfillment of each profile. It is a safe bet that the profile you are interested in on Senior FriendFinder is a real person.

The chatting and instant messaging features are available to all types of members. Participating in the various features of the site results in points that can be saved and spent on subscription upgrades. Profile pictures can be uploaded by any member and it is a good idea. Most people won't speak to other members if they don't have a picture up on the site. It is a sign that the member takes it seriously. There is a cool feature of the chat room where you can see who is in the room before you enter. Since only complete profiles are able to chat, it's a good place to meet other people who are serious about finding a date. Browse other member's profiles to see who is online and who is most compatible with you. Search for members to check out by looking in specific states, countries, provinces, and personal traits.

The one caveat is the main page. The main page of a dating site should be appealing and very easy to use. It should have but one or two actionable links and a clear path to the goal: signing up. This is especially true with a senior site because it may be a person who isn't as computer literate and others. This site is a bit busy on its main page as well as the homepage for members. The colors and layout are appealing however and the general ease of use is quite good once you learn the basics. This is definitely a senior dating site with promise for anyone over 55. Well worth the time and money.

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LavaLife.com is a good site that's been around for a long time and has accumulated a very large user base. The site is well designed and will make browsing fun and easy while you enjoy the benefits of a free profile before deciding whether or not you should pull the trigger and sign up for a monthly membership.

In order to create a profile, you're going to have to enter a bunch of information, as well as upload a photo. You can skip any of these steps, but you can always change your answers if you're not happy with the idea of taking the time to seriously answer the questions on a site that you haven't decided to stick with yet. The upside of this, of course, is that you know all of the profiles that you come across will be completed and ready for your perusal.

You'll also have to verify your account through your e-mail before they let you off on your own to check out what they have to offer. Signing up is going to take a few minutes, but once you get everything squared away, you can use their full feature free trial to really get a good sense of what the site is all about and how you can use it to connect with lot of men around you.

As a free user, you will be granted 50 free messages to use as you see fit to initiate new conversations. If you spend time messaging back and forth, these subsequent emails won't count against them. Only the very first message that you send will be deducted. If someone messages you first, then the same is true.

You get a collection of potential matches displayed for you on your homepage of up to 12 guys who happen to be looking for some interaction. The list goes on and on, which you can check out by clicking the arrow to the right of the list. It's a very smooth and easy way to get around the site and will make your browsing seem effortless. You can also adjust your search setting right above them to fine tune your results. You get the option to change anything from your desired distance to the type of relationship that you're looking for. If you're in a particular mood at any given time during your browsing, you can easily switch from LTR to Hookups with the click of a button and find others who are looking for the same thing.

One fun part of the site is its private photos section of each profile. You can upload your normal public photos for everyone to see, but you also get a private section that you can use to show off something a little bit spicier. These sections require an invitation to view, so you can be sure that only the guys you're really interested in can have a look, and only when you want them to.

While you're enjoying your full feature free trial, you can take advantage of the blog section. This area has a ton of dating and personal advice that's written by professionals to help you in your search. Not only can you read about perfect dates or the best ways to introduce yourself to someone, buy you can also get in depth articles on lifestyle topics and read success stories from other users. It's a fun way to spend your time in between flirts and uploads or using your free introduction e-mails.

Overall LavaLife.com is a fun site with a lot of great features to keep you interested in online dating. Being able to upload two sets of photos and using one for public consumption while using the other to show off your naughty side is a great way to explain all aspects of your personality to your potential suitors. Connecting with new people is fun and easy and, most of all, free to you during your trial. It allows you to get a great understanding of how the site works and what you can expect in terms of its users. If you're in the market for a new dating platform, then LavaLife is at least worth a look and you may be surprised with what you find.

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FilipinoFriendFinder.com is a decently designed site dedicated to helping Filipinos find each other and the people who love them. The user base is very large, which makes finding the right person much easier than relying on traditional methods of dating. The people who use the site are serious about finding a match and, despite how cynical you may be about dating sites, you might find yourself to be the object of someone's affections as soon as you finish filling out your profile.


  • The site accepts both PayPal and Money Orders to buy your subscription, which makes it very easy to pay, no matter what your preferred method happens to be.
  • The large user base makes it very likely that you'll find a lot of people to talk to and share your interests.
  • You can read member blogs to keep up with the activities of your friends and write about your own interests for a little social interaction.
  • You can see which members are online at the same time you are and talk to them in real time.
  • You can tailor make your searches to find exactly the kind of people that you want to meet and interact with.


  • Unable to view profiles without paying to upgrade your account.
  • Unable to email member until you buy your subscription, so paying is going to require a little blind faith in the site.
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Editorial Review

AdultFriendFinder is a good site for finding your next hookup and is very clear about what it is and how the people who use it behave. The profiles typically come along with completely nude pictures and every member has the option if live streaming themselves to anyone who cares to watch them. It drips with sex and just may be the best way to find some of your very own, no matter what time of day it happens to be.


  • The site has a free app that you can use to log on from anywhere. If you become a fan and decide to stick around, you can even take the app traveling with you and hookup all over the world.
  • The layout is extremely easy to use and won't require you to spend any time getting to learn the ins and outs of the functionality.
  • You can respond to messages from paid members, even if you only have a free profile. It's a great way to see how the community that uses the site carries themselves.
  • Verified profiles will ensure that you're meeting up with the people you see on the profiles.


  • It's almost impossible to not see something that you don't want to see. You're going to be assaulted with thousands of close ups of many different sets of genitals and there's just no way around it.
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Editorial Review

MilitaryCupid is a site that helps military personnel find love and companionship, which is no easy task for people who live a life of constant deployments and life or death situations. You don't have to be part of the military to sign up, but you do have to be willing to interact with some of the bravest men and women on the planet who are always fighting to keep you safe in a violent world where anything and everything can happen without so much as second's notice. The site takes great care to keep your information and your pictures just as safe as you'd feel in a military man's arms and adds a few fun spins to how their connections work.

Signing up is incredibly fast and easy and won't take more than a few seconds. In fact, if you're willing to share your location with the site, you won't even have to enter your zip code. Just choose a username and put in an email address, and you're off and running. The system will do the work of finding people who are close to you. Filling in the rest of your profile will help to hone their matches, but if you just want to browse for a bit first, it couldn't be easier to get in.

You can browse and interact for free, but you won't be able to talk with everyone on the site. Free users cannot talk to other free users, which can severely limit your interactions. At least one person in the conversation needs to be a paying member, but you can still view anyone's profile to see if the site would be a good match for the type of person that you're looking for.

If you're wary of uploading pictures of yourself to a web site, MilitaryCupid has a great safety feature that will keep your images safe. Not only does the site not allow you to view images in their full sizes, they also keep you from downloading them with any ease. You'll have to have a pretty deep knowledge of computers and how they work in order to get around the lack of a save feature, but it doesn't end there. Whenever you upload a picture, it gets the MilitaryCupid logo burned right into it. Not only will this keep scammers from using your images on any other site, but in the unlikely event that you do come across an unauthorized use of your picture, or the pictures of someone you know, then you'll be able to trace it right back to its source.

After you've paid for your membership, you'll gain access to the site's instant messaging service, which allows you talk in real time with anyone else who happens to be online. Best of all, since you're paying for a subscription, you get to talk to every single other person on the site, not just the upgraded users. It will make things a whole lot easier for you and greatly increase your chances of finding someone special that you can communicate with at any time of the day or night.

The user base for the site is pretty big, so you'll be able to interact with hundreds of available singles in your area. No matter where you are in the world, chances are that you'll find people near you who want to talk and share their experiences with you. Although the search radius may be a few miles long, you can refine your search to encompass a smaller area if you're unwilling to travel or relocate, which is a completely understandable thing for anyone to choose to do.

One fun aspect of the site is that you can add your own tags to your profile. Essentially, you can come up with keywords such as "active" or "gamer" and they will act as search results for anyone who's looking for those traits in a potential partner. It works very much the same way as a google search, so it's a great way to increase your chances of someone finding you , rather than relying on your own browsing habits. You can also search by tags on your own, which will bring you results from other people who have described themselves with the same words.

MilitaryCupid is a great choice for military personnel and anyone seeking a relationship with a soldier. You can keep in touch. No matter where both of you are on the planet, and you can have a lot of fun while doing it. Sign up is easy and setting up your profile is a blast. The security features will keep you comfortable in the knowledge that your information is kept private.

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Editorial Review

Flirtbox.com is one of the many dating sites that claim to be FREE to use. The difference is that this is actually a free site without any of the hidden charges that you may be accustomed to seeing on other sites who make this claim. You can sign up and create a profile for free, but you can also send and receive messages for free. Think of it as a full feature free trial that never runs out. Your credit card is not required (for registration) and it is not required any other time either. Well, unless you want to pay to lift the daily limits on usage. The catch is that you get what you pay for. The site makes its money off banner ads and there are no extra features. Its functionality is less than impressive and there are a lot of unsatisfactory matches that you must flip through to get to the good ones.

I don't like to use terms like "generic" because it is not a very appealing word when you are looking for a dating site, but the generic nature of this site seems to be deliberate. The only thing you will see when browsing for a date is the bare minimum that you need for finding women online. There are no extra features to add to your site experience or matching software to pair you with just the right matches. Your success depends on the luck of the draw and how much time you are willing to spend on the site.

One thing I liked about Flirtbox is ability to fill out a detailed profile. This comes in handy when you find a girl, but the details on your profile don't seem to matter when you are browsing. All the matches that pop up seem to be random. Even the search would provide only one matching result. Every search I performed would provide one match and everything after that seemed random again. Each time I would click the heart indicating that I liked someone, the next profile that would pop up would be nowhere near my area. I performed several detailed searches and only the first result would match my criteria.

Keeping with the simple theme, the messaging system is stripped down with only a few options to customize the experience. The mail section is divided into Mailbox, Outbox, Archive, and Settings. The messages you receive are listed in the Mailbox, the messages you send in the Outbox, and the Archive section allows you to archive any of the messages that you want to keep. The mail settings consist of drop down menus of options to indicate who you want to see your profile, who may contact you, and the age range you are looking for. You can also see your list of blocked users. The mailing system is easy to use, but there is nothing impressive about it.

I don't mind the simplicity in a free dating site, but every section should at least be functional. I noticed that there is a problem with the search engine. It has a few glitches. The search options are not the problem because they would be decent if they worked properly. There is a quick search that shows results within an age range and distance from your location that you determine. The advanced search opens multiple filter options that give you a lot of choices to refine your search. The options are good, but I'm afraid that the execution is not. The search results appear in a self-refreshing gallery of profile pictures. One problem is that many of the profiles in the search results do not match the filters that you indicated. Also, once you click on a profile, you are not taken back to your original advanced search and the matches are random again. There are profiles of both males and females from all over the world mixed into the search results.

Flirtbox.com has its shortcomings, but it's not that bad for being a genuinely free site. You can find some matches in your area, but you might have to put in some effort to get past the simplicity and some of the glitches on the site. The simplicity causes you to have to sift through profiles of singles you are not interested in. The glitches make it difficult to get through multiple compatible matches in one sitting. Also, there are a lot more men than there are women. This means that ladies have a better chance to hook up, but that is nothing new in online dating. It's not perfect, but a dating site that gets results (no matter how few), is worth a try if you don't have to pay for it.

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Editorial Review

SugarDaddie is a decent site to find a man to pay your way expecting you to show up on his arm and act as his escort. They have a very limited free trial, but it will give you a good idea of the type of people who use the site and what you can expect in terms of your success rate. The user base is honest about what they want and there's no judgment. The layout is easy to use and understand and, after you spend some time filling out your profile and getting approved, you'll be off and running into the arms of wealthy men.


  • The site is extremely easy to use and is pretty minimalist. The people who use it are there for one thing and that's what they offer.
  • You can browse around with a free profile as much as you want. You'll be able to see what kinds of men frequent the site.
  • The user base is very large so your chances at success are pretty good.


  • You can't do much more than browse with a free profile. If you really want to use the site, then you'll have to pay for it.
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Editorial Review

Alt.com is here for you if you're looking for a sex hookup, but have desires that vanilla people would find to be a little bit taboo. If you like the idea of tying up your lover and going at his butt with a paddle, or even being the one tied up yourself, then the people that you meet on this site will be the ones to change your life for the better. The user base is huge and everyone shares a true love for BDSM and everything kinky. The site is easy to navigate, the people are responsive, and you can watch people's evenings unfold in real time through their web cams.

Alt.com has been around for quite a few years and they have the membership numbers to prove it. Even before you sign in, you can see how many thousands of new pictures have been posted on the day. The community is very active and they love to interact and share their exploits with all of their friends right on the platform. In fact, a lot of the sex hookups that happen start out by commenting on photos that someone has posted from their last S&M session or shibari work. While it may be a counter culture, the openness that you experience here will make the fetish world seem like the most mainstream thing in the world.

The layout of the site is extremely easy to navigate, even if it is a little bit on the dark side. The basic black look that the web guy was going for makes a lot of sense for this specific place, but it can get a bit dreary after a while. If you find yourself lost in a sea of nothingness, you can always hop on someone's web cam and watch them wile away their evenings as they train their newest sub to hold your interest and break up the black.

Alt.com also uses verified user profiles to make sure that the person you're talking to is the real deal. By uploading a picture of your ID to the server, they cross check your photos and information and make sure that everything matches up. It's a great way to make sure there are no fakes running around or people who may have ulterior motives in their desire to get to know you. It keeps everything safe and ensures that you won't be unpleasantly surprised when it finally comes time to meet up with someone.

If you're new to the fetish world, then this site is a great way to find your place in it. The users are helpful and friendly and will guide you through the ins and outs of finding someone in this brave new realm to spend the night, or the rest of your life with. Even if you're just looking for a simple sex hookup, the possibilities are endless. Every user has a very pro sex attitude and it really comes across as you go through the site. People will discuss anything and everything with no shame or attempts to hide themselves. While there may be better options out there for you if you're more interested in learning the ropes than jumping right into the sack, if you've spent time thinking about it, and you're ready to take the plunge, this is the place to be.

You can get away with a lot if you only have a free profile. You can view web cams to your heart's content and you can even message paid members if they message you first. A simple sign up will take you pretty deep into the inner workings of Alt.com , so you can really get a sense for how things will be if you decide to take the next step. It's certainly worth your time to check it out and see how things go. It's not for the faint of heart if you're not absolutely interested in BDSM, but it's not so far gone that it will scare you away either. If you're ready to find your partner for the evening , you can simply turn on your web cam and see who comes along. It's that simple.

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Editorial Review

For many singles, a person's political views are an integral part of their dating process. A potential date must share the same political views or they will not be able to get along. That's why sites like RepublicanPeopleMeet.com exist. Republicans often have a specific set of ideals that they are passionate about and they want to meet someone with those same ideals. This site provides a simple and easy to follow platform to find dates who share your political views, but there just aren't enough features or results to make it worth the price of admission. There is some potential here that hasn't quite been reached yet.

RepublicanPeopleMeet.com is run by the same company that runs other niche dating sites like BlackPeopleMeet, OurTime, LoveAndSeek, and more. The layout is same on all the sites, for the most part, with small differences here and there.

I liked the Choose a Greeting feature which makes it easy to display what type of person you are besides being a Republican. You can choose your greeting before you sign in from multiple choices. Each personality type comes with a description, so you choose the greeting that best describes you. Your choices are Music Head, Old Soul, Nerd, Foodie, Family First, Nature Lover, Ambitious, Humorous, Creative, Active, and Educated.

The site is free to sign up, create a profile, and browse, but you must pay for a membership in order to unlock enhanced search and match options, chat on instant message, send and receive e-mails, or see who is interested in you. You can still do plenty for free though and get an idea of what to expect from the site without paying for a membership.

You can upload up to 30 photos with a free membership and fill out a detailed profile. This should give you a good idea of how much attention you are going to get on the site. The more pictures you upload, the more attention you get. You can upload pictures as large as 5 MB and they are displayed large and in high quality. You can also choose to import photos from Facebook. One thing that was refreshing about this site is the fact that I was not bombarded with messages and flirts from the moment I signed in. This showed me that they must not have a lot of fake profiles and fraud practices that I have seen on many dating sites. The messages that you receive are almost always genuine, you just don't receive many of them.

A feature that I found useful was the "Are You Interested?" Feature. You can choose the age range and state that you want to search in and member photos are displayed one at a time. At the top, you either click on Yes or No and move on to the next profile. You can breeze through multiple singles within seconds. When you are finished, all the profiles you clicked Yes on will be stored in your My Views folder where you can go back and browse through them in more detail later.

One thing that I was not impressed with was the advanced search. There are very few search filters that you can apply. That's why it's so good that the political niche is so specific. You can't narrow down the search a lot, but at least you know that all your matches are Republicans. You can adjust your search by age range, location, new members, and members who are currently online. You can save as many profiles to your favourites as you like without having to pay and you can go back and browse them in more detail later.

This may not be the most effective dating site, but at least it's cheap to try it out for yourself. Most of the similar dating sites I have seen are at least double the price of this one. You can save even more money when you purchase 3 or 6 months at a time. The 6-month membership package comes with a special profile highlight offer and allows you to save almost 70% off the already cheap monthly membership price.

The biggest advantages of a site like RepublicanPeopleMeet.com are the specific niche and the ease of use. You get real results without having to worry about being a bunch of bots and fake profiles. With all these features, I should have had more success on the site than I did. I suspect that it's because the niche is so specific. If you are Republican single and looking to date someone who shares your political views, I suggest that you try it because you can browse for free and the membership is cheap. I wouldn't expect to have a wide selection though. At least until the site grows a little more.

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Editorial Review

AshleyMadison is a good adult dating site that lets you find other attached people in a safe environment. They serve the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia and have been around for many years, letting people talk openly about what they're not getting at home and finding a way to make it happen with each other. You can easily edit your photos when you upload them to keep your identity a secret, as well as keep a private gallery where you choose who gets to see it.


  • You can blur out your face and crop any image that you post on the site. You'll be able to keep yourself safe while still showing yourself off.
  • The people on the site are very serious about hooking up. They take a lot of time to fill out their profiles and make it very clear what they're looking for.
  • Although each message you send will cost a credit, you can also send a wink to entice the other person to send the first email. Once you get that, you can talk as much as you want.


  • There is no monthly access available. If you want to use the full site, you'll have to buy credits and replace them as they run out.
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Editorial Review

EstablishedMen.com is a great site that also happens to be the largest & most popular place for older, wealthy men and younger, energetic women to find each other. The site caters to men with more money than time to look for a partner on their hands. The women that find themselves drawn to the simplicity of these arrangements tend to have plenty to offer in the way of physical assets and eagerly accept any "gifts" offered to them on the site that can be purchased with credits.

The site itself is very simply designed and easy to get around. You're given a long list of profiles right on your homepage to get you started and you can browse any one that you see with your limited free trial. Setting up a free profile is quick and easy and shouldn't run you any more than a minute or two. You don't have to get too detailed at this point, so it's a great way to just get in and get a lay of the land before you decide on whether or not you'll be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

If you do decide that this is the place for you, you'll be able to message anyone on the site once you upload a single photo of yourself. The site doesn't do any of its own matching, so being able to see what someone looks like is a very important part of the way that things operate. You'll also need to have one up if you want to get your own spot on someone else's homepage feed. If you choose to not upload one, then you can get around the requirement by buying a monthly subscription. You'll get access to all of the features of the site and you'll still be able to enjoy the privacy of not having photos of yourself on a dating site for sugar daddies.

As you get more deeply into your browsing, you're probably going to notice that a lot of the profiles are pretty bare of information. You'll get the typical basic information, like body type and height, but sections beyond those aren't typically filled out. It's simply a side effect of the way that the site operates. Physical attractiveness tends to be the number one motivator for contacting people, so you can expect to find a lot of pictures instead.

In fact, each person on the site has the ability to upload a private photo gallery to their profile. The stuff that you find in these won't typically be for public consumption, but if you hit it off with someone, you can ask for access and check them out. These will give you a great idea of what the person who posted them is looking for and what they have to offer you in exchange for your companionship. It really breaks down the dating scene to its basest elements, so it's easy to see why so many people use this site.

One of the biggest draws of the site is the section on the left hand side that lets you know how many men and women are available for a date on the night that you're logged in. Anyone can choose to let the site know that they're ready to head out for some fun and you'll be notified of the people in your area who are free and open to meeting up. With a few simple clicks you can find yourself instant messaging someone and setting up a time to meet. You won't have to spend days getting to know someone through email when you can simply find someone who wants a night out right now.

EstablishedMen.com is a great choice for anyone who's looking to become a sugar daddy. It's the largest & most popular site for exactly that and the women who log in every single day know exactly what they're getting themselves into. It's a fun environment to find someone and goes out of its way to get you hooked up with someone as quickly as possible. No matter where you are in the world, you'll be able to find a person who's looking for a date and more than happy to have it with you.

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Editorial Review

Chemistry.com is one of the best dating apps around for those who want to find a serious relationship. It was founded by Match.com folks and meant as a way to link people with a more scientific approach. Compatibility is a major factor here. Match hired renown anthropologist and human behavior researcher, Dr. Helen Fisher, to design Chemistry.com using her amazing 30+ years of experience in romantic attraction studies. The result is the game-changing site Chemistry.com which uses hormone and personality based matching systems to connect its users.

Sign up is fairly extensive, as one would expect with such an in-depth matching site. You are asked several questions in the personality test during sign up and then a list of basic questions for your account. This process is run-of-the-mill but for the personality test which asks questions unlike other sites that employ this technique. In fact, this is the only site that used Dr. Fishers premier test. You are also asked to fill out other sections such as About My Match, About Me and In My Own Words. Some of the questions are multiple choice, some text answers and others use images to get a full profile on your personality. You can fill out a profile for free but some features cost money and messaging other members is one of them.

Once you have your profile filled out you are taken to your homepage. A clean, crisp, no-frills approach gives the feeling of a down-to-business service that takes your patronage seriously. The matches the site has chosen for you based on your preferences and questionnaire answers are right in front. There are a variety of ways to sort and filter them. You can choose to be interested, decide later or not really interested. Once you take action on the matches, you'll be given more.

The Stream is another one of the most interesting facets of the homepage. It is a running log of the activity of your various matches. It updates in real time. You can send winks to any action that amuse you. These are free. Stream updates when people do anything from update their profile, add a new photo, respond to a Stream question or update their profile.

Chemistry.com sorts its users into categories such as Director, Builder, Negotiator, and Explorer. The types are contingent upon the test question answers and denote what type of dater you are. The names of the types are meant to be descriptive what kind of people they are. Explorers are creative, spontaneous and open-minded and Directors are decisive independent and focused. If you are a Builder, you are dependable, social and loyal. Negotiators are imaginative, nurturing and empathetic. These types are used to choose potential dates from your matches and in getting the matches as well.

This is one online dating site that does exactly as it says it does. There is definitely no chance you will stop using the site without getting some measure of success. Make sure that you are serious about wanting to settle down because most of the people on this site are more than ready. You won't find a lot of people who are just wanting to hookup. It's all about the long-term goal in this online dating venue.

There is a paid membership in addition to the free. With it you receive the ability to 24-hour communication with whomever you desire, emails to matches, flirt games, see who wants to network with you and who has noticed your profile. You have the option of paying for 1, 3, or 6 months at a time.

Bottom line is this is a wonderful site for a person looking for a serious relationship. There are a lot of things going on here to match you with someone that you are not only attracted to but also compatible with so it isn't like the good girl/bad boy relationship where opposites attract and it never works out despite how sexually attracted you are to each other. The cost of the paid membership is not as high as other places, which helps if you really want to message a lot or play any of the games and extras. It is definitely worth it.

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Editorial Review

AdultDateLink.com is a decent site if you're really looking for a hook up and don't care about spending money for the chance at meeting Mr. or Ms. Right Now. The whole site revolves around people looking for easy sexual encounters without having to deal with all of the strings that come along with dating in the modern world. You may not be able to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, but you may be able to find someone to spend the rest of the night.

You have to fill out your profile before you can use any of the features of the site. Even after registering and verifying your email address, you won't be able to so much as look at someone else's profile until you take the tome to populate yours. Most of the questions are multiple choice so you won't have to write any long dissertations about your perfect mate or ideal vacation spot, but there are a few pages worth, so you should be prepared to set aside at least a few minutes to go through everything. The obvious upside to all of this is that you can rest assured that the profiles you look through afterward will be just as complete as yours.

The site offers a very limited free trial after you get your profile set up. You won't be able to check out any of the adult personals or read any e-mails until you pay for your subscription. Essentially, you'll be able to get a sense of the place's layout and the number of users that are around your area, but that's about. You can learn anything about the people that use the site and you certainly can't really use it for yourself. Even clicking the constant IM's that pop up from potential sex mates will bring you directly to the payment page rather than allow you to start a conversation.

The user base for AdultDateLink.com is pretty big. After you've paid for you access to your communication features you should find plenty of people around you who are looking for a good, old fashioned hook up. There's no mention of getting a bigger showing of yourself with a membership, and there are no tier options to highlight your profile if you pay a little bit more. It's just one monthly fee that lets you run wild on the site.

The layout of the site is very simple and easy to use. Profiles are listed on the front page and you can choose to browse through them or search with a username or specific preferences, such as age and location. You'll also have the option of getting your matches listed by personality, which is a great way to find someone that you can immediately click with. By filling out a question form about where your ideal match should live, what he or she should do for fun, and how comfortable they are with public displays of affection, you can tailor fit your results for the person you want to be around each and every night.

Most of the people on AdultDateLink.com seem to be very serious about finding a casual relationship through their adult personals. Everyone knows why they're there and they're happy with it. If you're really in the mood for a hook up, then it might be a great place to find it. Photos are very common, and you can even see them in thumbnail form during your limited free trial to get a good sense of what the community looks like.

Paying for the site may be a bit of a challenge for you, since you'll really have no idea how successful you may or may not be beforehand, given your very limited interaction options. If you decided to check it out for a month, you may be surprised at how many responses you get from your profile. They put a lot of effort into convincing you to sign up, so there must be a good reason. You won't have to waste time trying to learn the site and the people who use it are more than happy to make the first move.

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Editorial Review

In the world of online dating, it can be very hard to find a site or mobile app that gives you everything you want and need to find what you're looking for in a date. This is especially true when you are looking for something different than a long-term serious relationship. That all may change when you take a look at BE2.com. Their layout and software, even the iPhone/Android app, has such a variety of focus you can find anything you're looking for. They have over 30 million registered users and sign up is risk free since its free. Their users are from all over the world and speak many languages. Their matchmaking science is a leading feature in the industry. It starts with a simple personality test which BE2 uses to find others with similar answers and interests. Taking a tour of the site gives you a first-hand account of their pros and cons, enabling you to make the most informed decision.


  • Higher rate of female users
  • Great for singles over 35
  • Mobile app
  • Match making capabilities


  • Pricey monthly charge
  • Very busy so sometimes no one close is available
  • Confusing layout
  • More helpful for serious relationships
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Editorial Review

One of the most difficult things to find on the internet is a great sex hookup site. The online casual dating scene is ripe for scammers and the world-wide web is flooded with fake sites that do not get results. Well, look no further because a hookup site that can really find you a local hookup is here. BookofSex.com is part of one of the world's largest casual dating networks. A lot of sites make this claim, but this one is the real deal. They claim to have over 75 million members and, after trying it out for myself, I fully believe it.

A few clicks gets you through the quick and easy sign up process. The moment after you sign up, you are taken to the membership page where you have to pay. A Gold membership is a little on the expensive side, but this site is well worth it. If you want to save money, you can purchase a full year membership. You can bypass this page and browse if you like, but you must click on a confirmation link that is sent to your e-mail to get your account approved. This is probably why I didn't see that many fake profiles. If you have been in the online dating scene for any amount of time, you know that fake profiles clutter almost every site you visit unless they have proper security like this one does.

There are multiple features that make BookofSex both fun and effective. Besides the standard dating site interface; you can view member videos, watch models perform on webcam and chat with them, and join groups where you can interact with other members who have similar interests. You can also download a mobile app that has many of the same features and you can check for local hookups while you're on the go.

Another feature that I found useful was all the information that is available to help you have a successful hookup. You can discuss several topics in the groups and it can be a valuable learning experience. Besides the groups, you can also read the blog where members post articles or join what they call the "Academy" where you can learn how to have a thriving sex life. This is what makes this site great for both beginners and those who are experienced with online dating.

I was excited to see that BookofSex.com had webcams with quite a few hot models. I looked closer and realized that all the best looking models required me to spend extra money. The webcam section is run on tokens. It says that chat is free, but none of the models will do anything for free. The best thing about this is that the tokens are not that expensive. You must be careful though because you will run out of tokens fast if you find a model you like.

Another handy feature that doesn't cost that much money is the tipping feature. You can tip other members and get their attention by using points. Points can be purchased in groups of 200, 500, or 1,000 points. You can also use these points to send virtual gifts and join a live member webcam broadcast. Points are also used to bid on the hottest members and you have the opportunity to become their "Top Fan".

I would not waste too much time browsing for free. It's nice to browse for free, but all the best features are unlocked when you pay for a membership. You can send and receive messages to any member, send friend requests, post in the blog, send flirts, see who flirted with you, see who viewed you and much more. A feature that I really enjoyed was the Hot or Not feature. You are shown random profile pictures one at a time and you click on a thumbs up for Hot and a thumbs down for Not. All the members you think are hot are added to your Hotlist.

If you are out there prowling dating sites and you only want a sex hookup; BookofSex.com is a site where everyone you contact knows what you are there for because they are there for the same thing * casual sex **. It is easier than you think to find someone to have sex with in your area** , especially if your area is highly populated. This site has a lot of members with a lot of little extras that can help you be seen. If you have half the luck that I did, you are going to want to join this site right away.

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Editorial Review

One of the leading and most popular dating sites on the internet is Zoosk.com. It boasts a user database of over 38 million singles worldwide. It is one of the many dating sites who have made sign up easier by allowing you to sign in with your Facebook profile, but you can also log in with your Google account which is something I have not seen on that many dating sites.

The most attractive thing about Zoosk.com is the verified user profiles. Far too many dating sites are scams and a waste of time, so it's refreshing to find a site that actually verifies the profiles to be sure they are authentic. There still seems to be a few bogus profiles, but not nearly as many as a lot of the dating sites I have used.

In order to get verified and improve your reputation and visibility on the site, you can add your phone number, connect to Twitter, or connect to Facebook. This gets you better results, but I honestly thought I would get much more results judging by the amount of users on the site.

Something that I appreciated about the process of creating a profile is the fun and easy way you can add your interests. You can choose specific movies, music, actors, or sports that you like or you can perform a search. You have the ability to skip all of this, but it is in your best interests to fill your profile out as thoroughly as possible. That way, you are more likely to find the exact type of match that is right for you.

One of my favorite features to use on the site was the "Carousel". This feature shows you a gallery of potential matches one at a time showing only their picture and their age. Each picture that pops up, you either click No, Maybe, or Yes. I found that this made it easy to accumulate multiple matches you could browse through that look like the type of person you are looking for.

The SmartPicks section is handy to help you get compatible matches quickly. You are presented with a series of questions to answer and you get to choose the questions and how many you answer. After you are done, you can see all the members that share the same interests as you.

You can do quite a bit of browsing, create a detailed profile, send winks, and find compatible matches for free, but you must sign up for a membership if you want to chat with them. I wish you could pay for a month at a time, but you have to purchase at least 3 to 6 months. Luckily, it's not that expensive. The price is very comparable when you buy you 3 months. The best deal is offered when you purchase 6 months.

Something that I didn't like that much about the layout of the site was that you can only see one potential match at a time. I would much rather see a gallery of matches. To be fair, most dating sites that have a gallery of profiles contain a lot of fake ones. At least these are verified profiles that are authentic, for the most part. I wasn't bombarded with messages before I even added a picture like with many other sites that turned out to be a scam. This one seems mostly legit.

Another attractive feature is the ability to promote yourself. You can boost your profile and be more visible on the site. You can also send out a Mega Flirt for FREE. A Mega Flirt is a feature that allows you to choose a preselected message and blast it out to all the singles in your area that are in the age range you desire. Your profile has to be approved before the Mega Flirt is sent. To boost your profile, you have to purchase coins. Purchasing coins allows you to do other things as well like unlock Carousel matches, get delivery confirmations, and more. You can purchase quite a few coins for a cheap price, but the best deal is offered when you purchasing 1,800 coins at a time.

Zoosk.com is not without its faults, but it is definitely one of the good ones. The verified profiles mean that you get far fewer connections, but at least those few connections are genuine. I have had more success on other large dating sites, but I have to give credit where credit is due. There are sadly not that many good dating sites out there and there aren't even that many legit ones. At least this one is legit, even though it's not the best.

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Editorial Review

Since there are fewer Christian dating sites than general sites, it is always nice to find one that is proactively oriented towards Christians. A lot of dating sites aimed at Christians are rebrandings of other more general sites. BigChurch , on the other hand, has a full spread of features with the Christian dater in mind. It has a user base that extends worldwide including a large membership base in the United States and Canada. From message boards and advice, to profiles and search functions, you'll find this site has all you'll need to find a Christian match.

BigChurch.com is easy to use which is a huge plus. It is easy enough for people new to online dating to use but comes with enough pizazz to stay interesting to more experienced users. The colors schemes and layout are pleasing and there are no cheesy animations or gaudy flash to take away from the site. It has some movement but not so much as to be confusing or detract from the sites purpose. Signing up for the service is quick and simple. You're asked a few personal questions, including age, gender, height, weight, occupation, location and personal interests. There is an upload box for your profile photo and a little About Me text box to fill out with whatever amusing comments you choose. You're also asked to narrow down the type of partner you're looking for by choosing their gender, age range and dedication to religion.

The biggest downfall of the site is how little you can do with the free (Standard) membership. Standard members cannot search, see other profiles or send messages. You are able to use chat rooms and instant messenger, as well as create a favorites list and answer emails from paid. Standard members can also upload a video greeting, which is one of the sites touted features.

There are two tiers of paid membership; silver and gold. If you upgrade to silver, you get access to better search tools and you can see the video introductions. You can add more photos to your profile and contact others through email. Upgrading to Gold gets you top billing in searches, tech and profile support, and access to super searches. Subscriptions can be paid for one month at a time or in three month chunks.

Searching is basic with only limited criteria unless you have a paid membership. Standard searches cannot be filtered by body type features, race or photo profiles. Once you choose a membership you are given wider search capabilities, including video, who has most recently logged in and who has viewed your profile.

The site is relatively safe. It does not require background checks or conduct any sort of process to ensure a person's identity. Usernames are used in place of real names. They give links to internet dating safety advice way down at the very bottom of the homepage in tiny letters. Payments are secure and the site displays the verified and secured button.

BigChurch has a vast user base but that comes with an asterix. One of the reasons it is so huge is because it is part of the FriendFinder network which has dating sites across a number of niches. The matches you receive will occasionally be people pulled who registered to another site in the FriendFinder network but who otherwise match your search criteria. FriendFinder is also a part of adultfriendfinder.com and a product of a larger adult industry which can be a problem for many people signing on thinking the company is based on Christian values.

One outstanding feature is the video introductions. They provide an opportunity for you to shine like in a way that other dating sites don't. More personal and than a text box or questionnaire, video allows for facial expression and tone of voice, a much deeper level of communication. Ultimately, BigChurch**** is a solid site. The paid subscriptions can be a bit steep but the large user base provides a wide variety of potential matches.

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Editorial Review

Dating.com is a relatively new dating app that many people are unfamiliar with. While new to the scene, it still offers all the most popular features of a dating site, but throws in its own special twist on things. It is a global site with over 30 countries involved. In business since 1993, the site has amassed a large quantity of knowledge on the industry and technology which is uses to enhance member experience. They pride themselves on their global approach with offices in Asia, Europe and Latin America, saying they realize romance has a taken a new turn and people are looking farther than ever before. Dating.com runs on credits. Users purchase credits to pay for the chats, messaging and searches they want to perform, as well as other functions on the site. There are some definite disadvantages to the site so make sure to weigh them against the advantages to see if the site is a winner for you.


  • Worldwide: more than 30 countries
  • Many communication options
  • Videos: member videos, instructional videos and fun stuff too


  • Costly: a monthly fee as well as a fee for credits
  • Nothing free
  • Basic privacy policy
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Editorial Review

FuckBooknet.net is a good site to find your next one night stand/booty call. They serve the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia and maintain a huge user base that's just as interested in hooking up as you are. The site is simply designed and easy to use and they've been in business for quite a few years, so you can rest assured that they're not going to be going anywhere any time soon. Sign up is quick and easy and you'll be browsing profiles in no time.

The people who use the site are very interested in hooking up and you can tell that just from looking at a few profiles. The members don't waste any time in detailing exactly what they're looking for in the bedroom. That alone makes it far easier to find someone you're sexually compatible with on this site than any other on the internet. Each full profile page even includes a map with the person's location to ensure your ability to hook up as soon as possible. You won't need to waste time Googling addresses to make sure you can get to where they are because it is all laid out for you right there.

The design of FuckBooknet.net is extremely simple to use and puts the profiles at the front and center so you can get on with your search. While there are plenty of social media aspects of the site, such as a live feed that you can check out, if you've come to shop around for a hook up, then browsing profiles is going to be your best bet for finding one. The users typically add more than one photo, so you know exactly who you're talking to and what they look like from your first message.

The sheer size of the user base is going to make finding someone very plausible. With the number of people who login every single day looking for a sex romp, you're very likely to find one or two in your area who are down to meet up. The instant messaging system means that you can contact people directly without having to wonder if they're around to get your emails. You can communicate in real time and set up your meeting without any confusion or misunderstanding. Your one night stand/booty call will be on the same page as you and ready to meet up when you are.

Sign up takes almost no time at all and doesn't go any further than asking for your gender and your target gender. You don't have to write about yourself or tick boxes next to your favourite meals. You simply enter your email address, verify your account, and you're off and running. You can view full profiles and see where people are in relation to you to get a good idea of the number of users in your area who meet your criteria for a fast and easy hook up.

Since they serve the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia, you can even take the site with you when you travel. If you've always dreamed of hooking up with a gorgeous foreigner and have a trip planned out, all you'll have to do is change your location and you can find someone close by to meet up and really get to know each other. The users from each of the other countries are just as interested in sex as your home country, so you'll be able to find just as much luck on your travels as you would at home.

If you get tired of browsing all of the profiles and need a break, you can visit the message boards and get to know some new friends through conversation. Every topic imaginable is discussed here, so you'll never run out of things to talk about. It makes meeting potential partners a lot easier when you can connect through your interests rather than sending out emails and hoping you nailed your one liner. If you like to cook, you can get to know someone through their favorite meals and invite them over for a little dinner and relaxation faster than you might think possible.

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Editorial Review

Bumble is relatively new in the dating app world but it isn't short on options. It has everything a dating app needs including an iPhone/Android app and geolocator functionality. In the world of dating apps, this one has a few unique qualities as yet not adapted by other apps. The main is that it is woman ran. From the CEO down to the user, the women have a lot of authority in this app. It is much like Tinder but with a female focus. Men are allowed to swipe left or right to each photo of potential matches they are shown. If the woman who you swipe interest in, feels the same toward you, you have to wait until she contacts you before you can move forward. Men are not allowed to initiate conversation.


  • Simple Swipe Interface
  • 24-hour chat lets women initiate contact anytime
  • Women initiate conversation so you know she wants to talk to you
  • BFF Mode is a fun way to make friendships and casual connections


  • Facebook link is required
  • Men have little control
  • Visual profile that don't allow much talk of disposition or humor so you can't get your full personality across.
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Editorial Review

When it comes to dating sites, this one is about as good as it gets. It has everything you could possibly need to find a date and including a solid mobile app for those of us who are always one the go. Messaging, communication, interaction: it is all available here. There is an extensive signup process that covers everything, EVERYTHING, but that's presumably part of the reason the service works so well. The site itself is simple to use and navigation is a breeze but there isn't much here for free members. A paid subscription is the only way to get most of the benefits. This is not really the place for singles who are happy dating and playing the field. Users here are very marriage minded and they have a decent amount of advertised data to support that premise.


  • Large user base
  • High percentage of matches that become marriages
  • Activity in all parts of the site
  • Expert compatibility level


  • Very lengthy and time consuming sign up process
  • Limited free use
  • Expensive memberships
  • Not for casual dates or friendships
  • No way to search your own matches

There are a lot of pros for this site because of its spot-on matches. If you can handle the higher memberships and lengthy sign up, you will no doubt get exactly what you're looking for here.

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Editorial Review

AsiaFriendFinder is a part of the FriendFinder network so there are tons of people on the site at any given time. It is also world-wide which greatly enhances chances of finding an Asian girlfriend. There are paid membership subscriptions as well as a free membership, although it has less features than the paid.

Sign-up is easy and fast. You're first asked for your gender, location and birthday. Sign-up also requires you to choose a username and email account. You can also add your body type, religious preferences, race and education level. When you're finished, you should be able to attract an Asian girlfriend with all the functions and services the site offers.


  • Video Introductions: Not a lot of dating sites are implementing these cool features but they should.
  • Match Feature: This incredibly intuitive feature gives plenty of matches based on your profile.
  • World-wide: Users on this site come from all over the world, greatly increasing your chances at a match.


  • Limited Interaction: Free profiles cannot message as many ways as paid and there are no chat rooms or forums.
  • Limited Profile Control: You are not able to control who views your profile or keep it from showing to the public.
  • Pricey: The paid subscriptions are a tad high.
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