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I hate this site. It’s so terrible. It rejected me, twice. I had to try again just to make sure it hadn’t made a huge mistake. But no, it rejected me. They have so many users, how could they reject one guy? It doesn’t even make sense. So I can’t even really say if this site was any better than any other dating site. Twoo is missing out.

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This thing is a complete waste of time if you’re not a gorgeous super model. No one looks twice if you have average looks, even if your personality is amazing, which is what really counts. It’s sad.

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PositiveSingles should have been a great experience, but the women here tend to not show a whole lot of interest in actually getting together with anyone. I’m not sure if it’s a comfort thing or a flat out fear thing, but I see the possibilities of actually having a face to face to be very low. Everyone here already knows your darkest secret, so what’s the problem with going out for a drink? There are much worse ways to spend your time, and I should know. I’ve spent a lot of mine in the hospital.

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