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This is the perfect place to meet the person of your dreams who holds true to the same ideals that you do. It’s no accident that this place exists. There was a strong need for a gathering place of eligible Jewish singles and these guys have provided it in stellar fashion. The site is fun and easy to use and the people who use it are incredibly warm and honest about what they want out of life. You won’t be able to find a better place that caters to your desires so well. If you don’t succeed at first, give it time. You will!

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I’ve been a member here for a while but that’s probably going to change soon. All of the interesting people have dried up and we’re left with nothing but women who want to rate people, but never actually talk to them. It’s such a waste of time to log in now that I almost never do it. There has to be a better site around that takes the place of this one somewhere. Hopefully someday I’ll find it, but for now I’d prefer to use no site over using this one. There’s no reason to keep wasting my energy and time by trying to interact with people who have no intention of actually talking to anyone.

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